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   Chapter 585 A Potential Rival In Love (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5749

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Understanding what she meant, Rufus reached out and grasped Cassandra's soft hands. Gently. He said, "Cassandra, that's all in the past."

The difficult time which shaped him into the man that he was today had already passed. Now, he was Rufus Luo, the president of TY Group. Nothing could bother him anymore.

Rufus turned around to hold Cassandra in his arms. Bodies touching, they soon reacted to their closeness.

Cassandra seemed somewhat embarrassed. Burying her face in Rufus's embrace, she silently refused to move.

Rufus knew the sensitive parts of her body very well. He started to lick and nip on them one by one. The smile in his eyes deepened when he sensed her shudder with pleasure.

After a few rounds in the bathtub, Rufus found himself wanting more. He wiped the water from her body, wrapped her in a big bath towel, and carried her back to the soft, king-sized bed.

Cassandra was in ecstasy. With her arms wrapping gently around Rufus's neck, she moaned with pleasure. This was music to Rufus's ears. In fact, it was his favorite kind.

Suddenly, he had an idea. He found his cellphone at the side of the bed and started to record her moans as she was under him.

With this, he would no longer need coffee to refresh himself. It would also make him feel better whenever he was tired at work.

Spellbound, Cassandra was oblivious to what he was doing.

By the time she woke up again, it was already daytime.

Her body throbbed with pain. A part of her silently cursed Rufus for exhausting her.

Rufus had ordered room service for breakfast. As soon as he saw her wake up, he served it to her.

His pleasant mood made Cassandra feel less angry.

"Rufus, let's pack up and go to

able to contain her curiosity.

With a bitter smile at the corners of his mouth, Jarrod asked in reply, "Do I look like I'm dying?"

Cassandra's eyes grew wide. Hastily, she explained, "I didn't mean it like that. I was only worried about you."

With a flower in his hand, Jarrod said, "I'm ill. I might die very soon, or I might not."

Rufus felt a bit upset seeing Cassandra talking with another man so happily. However, what the boy said filled him with shock.

Cassandra and Jarrod were still so absorbed in their conversation that they did not notice Rufus who was only a few steps behind them already.

After hearing what the boy said, however, Rufus turned around and walked back silently, leaving the two alone.

The pity he saw in Cassandra's eyes told him that there was nothing to be jealous about. Clearly, it was all she felt for the young boy.

Realizing that, he concluded that the young man was not a threat or a potential rival. He then opted to allow them to enjoy their friendship.

Cassandra was tempted to ask Jarrod more about his condition, but the young man seemed unwilling to continue talking about it.

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