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   Chapter 584 A Potential Rival In Love (Part One)

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With a smile, Cassandra requested, "Could you please assist us? We'd like to have a look."

Hastily, the hotel owner nodded and accompanied them to the backyard. As soon as they walked in, they heard a cat meowing.

"Kitty, drink some water," they heard a girl saying, not too far away.

Walking forward, Cassandra saw a cute little girl with bright blue eyes. Her golden blonde hair was knotted into a flower-shaped bun. Softly, she was talking to the cat on the table.

"Annie, the owner of the kitten is here," the man told his daughter.

The little girl raised her head to look at her father. It was apparent how unwilling she was to part with the cat. "Daddy, can I keep it, please? I like it very much," she pleaded.

Hearing that, the hotel owner looked embarrassed. "No, honey. That's not ours," he replied.

Cassandra squatted by the side of the little girl. Gently, she asked, "Annie, this kitty has just received an operation. Do you think you can take good care of it?"

Hurriedly, Annie nodded and answered, "Yes, I can!"

Cassandra stretched her hand to stroke the cat's head. Snowball wasn't very energetic, possibly because of the operation it had just undergone. It purred weakly in response to her touch.

Suddenly, Cassandra had an idea. She stood up and addressed the hotel owner, "This cat was a stray. I found it when it was ill so I took it to the vet. Now, I want to give it to Annie. I believe she can take care of it. Would that be okay with you?"

Annie was clearly excited about Cassandra's proposal. She ran to her father and grasped his hand. "Daddy, did you hear that? She said I can take care of the kitty!" she exclaimed joyfully.

Stroking his daughter's head affectionately, the owner replied with a tender smile, "Yes, darling, I heard." He then turned to Cassan

is clothes and joined her.

"Argh!" Cassandra shuddered when he held her in his arms, and their skin touched.

Subconsciously, she tried to push him away. He only pressed on to her more tightly. The image of Cassandra dancing in a hula skirt a while ago suddenly came back to him.

Nobody would ever understand how strongly he had to restrain himself from going on top of her during that time.

Now, he was finally going to be able to enjoy his enchanting wife.

Blushing helplessly, Cassandra looked at him. "You're so dirty. Go bathe yourself. I'm done and I'm going out," she said, annoyed.

She was about to stand up when Rufus pulled her back into the water. "Cassandra," he whispered, "help me bathe."

Cassandra pursed her lips. Rolling her eyes, she took a towel and started to sprinkle water on his body.

The scars he had gotten during the Dark Night age were still very visible. It struck her still.

As she gently helped him clean himself, she asked, "Were you sad at that time?"

Had anyone taken care of him when he was injured? Despite its severity, he could not let his mother know. While most children at his age lived comfortable lives, Rufus had endured so many hardships.

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