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   Chapter 583 An Intimate Night (Part Two)

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One of the girls in particular had her gaze fixated on Rufus as she danced to the music.

The look in her eyes was a bit intense, making Cassandra feel a little uncomfortable.

'What is it with this guy? Why do girls keep on getting charmed by him? People always seem to get attracted by the way he looks! Both men and women!' Cassandra pondered. That thought managed to make her feel so irritated. She felt the need to mark him as her property whenever he would come outside— making it clear to everyone else that this man was already taken, by her!

"Cassandra, would you like to go dance?" Rufus asked her from out of nowhere, thinking that she would probably be the most beautiful girl among the crowd if she were to put on a hula skirt and dance.

He was so enthusiastic about it. However, without even batting an eye, she rejected him as soon as he asked her. "No, I'm not even good at dancing. I've only practiced for a couple of days."

Rufus was a little persistent, urging her to do it. "Try to take a closer look, Cassandra. The steps aren't that complicated. I know for sure that you can do it."

Truth be told, the steps were indeed very simple. And at that moment, Cassandra was already done eating, so nothing should be stopping her from doing so. There was a good chance that it might end up being quite enjoyable. If only she was willing to give it a shot.

"I saw some people renting hula skirts in that area," Rufus informed her, as he happened to notice that tent earlier. "Let's go over there and rent one for you."

It might have taken a bit more of pushing, but Cassandra decided to give it a go in the end.

After renting a hula skirt, Cassandra proceeded to walk into the tent to change into it.

While she was changing inside, the seller seemed to be a little over-enthusiastic and kept engaging Rufus in conversation. Even though, Rufus just respectfully gave out short responses.

The minute Cassandra exited the tent with the hula skirt on, the seller instantaneously stopped talking. Having been left utterly dumbfounded, his jaw almost dropped to the ground as he silently stood still.

Cassandra's skin was velvet smooth and it was glowing under the moonlight. Her perfect figure along with her beautiful face seemed to have been highlighted by the skirt she had on.

On that very moment, Cassandra looked like such an entrancing elf coming out deep from within the forest. She just seemed so alluring.


y fair that he was the only one who was allowed to stare at her body.

"Oh!" Cassandra blurted out all of a sudden as her eyes widened. "Rufus, that kitten!"

Rufus was a little confused, having no clue at all what she was trying to tell him.

Cassandra held his hand and tugged him to the tent where she rented the skirt. Then, she went inside to change into her clothes right away.

"I asked the owner of the hotel earlier to look after Snowball for me, but I completely forgot about it. Let's head back to the hotel. Hurry up!"

Rufus just bobbed his head and answered, "Okay then. We should go now."

When they arrived at the hotel, the owner looked so surprised to see them. He inquired, "Do you plan to stay for the night as well?"

'It seems like young people are always brimming with energy nowadays. They were just here earlier today, and now they are back again already, ' he silently mused.

Seeing the look on the owner's face, Cassandra felt so embarrassed, knowing full well what he probably had in mind. Then, she cleared things up by saying, "We aren't actually here to get a room. I just came here to get my kitten back."

Realizing he had been mistaken, the hotel owner couldn't hold back his laughter. "Okay then. No worries. Please give me a minute. I'm gonna go get it back for you."

Barely a few moments later, the owner came back seemingly empty-handed. It was as clear as day that he didn't know what to say. Then he just smiled embarrassedly and shrugged.

"I deeply apologize. My daughter is actually holding the kitten right now. And she just keeps on refusing to let me take it away from her."

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