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   Chapter 582 An Intimate Night (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7374

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Without wasting any time at all, Rufus got Cassandra onto the bed after taking off all his clothes. And just like that, their bodies intertwined.

"Rufus! Cut it out! You let go of me, this instant!" Cassandra obviously wasn't in the mood for any lovemaking under such a circumstance.

Seeing that Cassandra was so insistent in pushing him away, Rufus immediately stopped in his tracks. After a few seconds of silence, he remarked in a rather miserable tone, "Cassandra, I feel like I am burning up. I can't stand it no more. I want you so bad. Help me out, will you?" Then, Rufus playfully bit her ear. The sound of his voice was so captivating that it sent shivers down Cassandra's spine. It was as though she was about to lose control.

Noticing how hard he was trying to control himself, Cassandra clenched her teeth, left with no choice but to give in. But before letting him do as he pleased, she told him, "Okay. You win. But please be gentle with me."

Being given the green light, Rufus felt like a load had been taken off his chest. Because now, he wouldn't have to hold back any longer. Without showing any restraint, he felt up her incredibly enticing figure.

Meanwhile, the view outside was so mesmerizing under the moonlit night. Be that as it might, as far as Rufus was concerned, the way Cassandra looked tonight was just truly beyond compare.

When he sobered up and finally came to himself, Rufus woke up with Cassandra sleeping soundly right beside him.

Remembering the satisfying moment the two of them had just been through, he couldn't help but give her a soft kiss. Given that he had been a bit rough with her, he thought the little woman was probably still worn out. He didn't even give her a second to catch her breath no matter how many times she had asked him to stop.

With his face resting on the palm of his hands, Rufus just watched Cassandra breathing in her sleep. He just couldn't take his eyes away from the woman lying next to him.

Cassandra woke up eventually, feeling quite starved. When she opened her eyes fully, she was welcomed by the sight of Rufus's gleaming eyes. Now, what would typically happen was that they'd just lovingly stare right into ea


Noticing how excited Cassandra was, Rufus grabbed onto her hands and tugged her toward the beach immediately after thanking the seller.

After asking directions from some of the locals, they arrived at the beach soon enough.

The first thing they did was to walk along the sandy shoreline where the air was gentle and humid. The two of them seemed like they were having such a good time due to the soft but cool breeze blowing on their faces.

A bit of light-hearted music could be heard playing nearby. The fire was beautifully burning right in front of them. And also, there were a number of beautiful ladies dressed in hula skirts gracefully dancing around the bonfires.

With there being a couple of bonfires lit around the beach, Rufus brought Cassandra over to one of them and invited her to sit side by side with him on the sand. People who got there first gladly welcomed them when they arrived.

"Would you like to have something to eat?" a woman sitting nearby kindly asked them as she pointed toward the food table close to where they were sitting.

They had been out for quite some time, so Rufus and Cassandra both were already feeling quite hungry. Upon thanking the people around for their hospitality, they grabbed some food and began to eat. Basking in the cheery scene before them, they watched as the people were dancing around, singing along to the music, and chatting with the others who also participated in the celebration.

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