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   Chapter 581 Too Hot (Part Two)

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Allen picked up the goblet of cocktail that Rufus refused to drink, took a sip casually, and declared, "In fact, there is nothing wrong with the cocktail."

A smile formed at the corners of his mouth. Now he looked like a cunning fox. "But maybe, there is something wrong with the food in your plate," he added, clearing up Rufus's confusion.

Upon hearing Allen's words, Rufus's eyes popped out of his head. Now his voice was hoarse from the effects of the drug. "Allen, how dare you spike my food?" he snapped.

Allen walked around the table and supported him. By now, Rufus was already weak and feeble. Intentionally, Allen leaned close and whispered through his thin lips, "In the real sense, I'm a gentleman. This is the first time that I have ever gotten close to a man through dirty means."

Rufus realized he was getting into trouble—he was not on his home turf, nor was Victor by his side. To make matters worse, he was too weak to even fight for himself.

This was a trap. If he couldn't find a way out quickly, his goose would be cooked, and he'd have to live with the disgusting thought of having been drugged and sodomized.

Before dinner, he had used threats but failed, and now he could no longer fight back with Allen. Heck! Was this going to be his unluckiest day ever!

Throwing caution to the wind, Rufus made up his mind! 'If this jackass dares to touch me, I swear, I'll make sure he will be six feet under before he knows it, ' he cursed to himself.

"Rufus!" A voice he was all too familiar with came to his ears, right on time.

Raising his heavy eyes to look to the direction of the voice, Rufus saw the little woman with a cat in her arms. In the dim light, she stood at the glass door of the restaurant, her eyes sparkling with light, and apparently oblivious of the murderous thoughts with which Rufus had been toying.

"Doctor Allen, could you please let go of my husband?" Cassandra asked with a smile as soon as she got to them.

itting her teeth, Cassandra now realized what had happened to him.

Almost dragging him around, she entered the nearest hotel.

"I need a room, right now," she said in a hurry at the counter.

Seeing that she was so eager to check in, the hotel owner increased the room charge secretly. But she had no option. Straight away, she checked in without saying a word.

At long last, it was only the two of them in a room. However, by the time she dragged him onto the large bed, she was already gasping for breath.

Slowly, what had transpired a moment ago began to sink in. It jerked Cassandra to her senses. Except for the hunch to follow h, or if she hadn't taken the marriage certificate as she always did, he would be in real danger tonight. Violence, rape, and murder were such scary things to imagine.

She hadn't expected that Allen was a hoodlum—a weasel, a character lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut.

"Cassandra, Cassandra," Rufus mumbled her name all of a sudden.

Cassandra climbed onto the bed, seeing that Rufus's eyes were closed tightly and his face was blushing. She got quite worried about his condition.

"Rufus, I'm here," Cassandra whispered by his ear.

The heat was no longer bearable, so he began to undress, taking off his tie, his jacket, his by one.

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