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   Chapter 580 Too Hot (Part One)

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"You are exactly my type," Allen leaned close to Rufus to whisper by his ear.

Not one to suffer fools gladly, Rufus's eyes turned dark. Without a second thought, he swung a fist to punch the moron, but Allen was also swift to react.

Slightly, he bent from the waist up, quickly slipping to the side, safe and out of harms.

Rufus hadn't expected Allen to be so agile, but his facial expression betrayed nothing. Raising his eyebrows, he threw a turning kick aiming at Allen's waist.

For the second time, he failed again. Instead, Allen stretched both hands and clamped Rufus's right arm successfully.

"What's your name?" Allen asked with an evil smile at the corners of his mouth.

"What gives you the guts to ask me that?" Rufus retorted coldly.

Before Allen responded, an exclamation came through from aside, interrupting their scuffle.

"Rufus, what're you doing?!" Unknown to them, Cassandra had come to the door only to find them in an odd situation. She stared at the two men in disbelief.

From her angle, it looked like Rufus and Allen were entangled in a hug.

Whoever saw such a vague gesture would interpret the scene in a sexual context.

Seeing the expression in Cassandra's fixed gaze, Rufus quickly pushed Allen away.

"Cassandra, I can explain," Rufus said, frowning.

"All right. Explain to me," Cassandra replied in a detached voice.

"..." Hearing the apathy in her voice, Rufus didn't know what to say.

By his side, Allen watched the scene between the lovers with glee.

"Sorry for this, but, I guess something could be amiss with the doctor. While talking to him, just now, he suddenly began to hobble around like he was going to fall. I had to grab him quickly," Rufus told a lie without batting an eyelid. His face looked so normal that Cassandra almost believed what he said.

Cassandra had left them alone a short while back, but she remembered she hadn't paid Doctor Allen for the treatment of the cat. That was why she came back.

She didn't know how much his fe

ocktail before his eyes now, a gut feeling told him. So playing smart, he only nibbled at the food, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "The steak tastes good," he commented.

Behind the superficial smile on Allen's face, the way he avoided eye contact only confirmed Rufus's suspicions.

"Aren't you going to try the cocktail? If the boss here gets to know that you don't appreciate his work, I think he will feel bad."

Hearing that, Rufus responded in an indifferent tone, "What a coincidence! There's a part of me that runs on animal instincts. That obscure part lights up with impish glee when I make people feel bad."

Silently to himself, he edited his words, 'Of course, with the exception of Cassandra.'

For the beautiful woman who made his world go round, he'd do anything possible, just to see her smile.

Even now, he silently vowed to do his best, all his life for Cassandra's happiness.

By now he was midway with his meal. But he began to feel something was off with him.

For no apparent reason, his body temperature seemed to rise—his whole body was getting hotter and hotter, his mouth parched and dry. It was a funny feeling that he couldn't explain.

"What did you do to me?" Rufus mumbled, grasping the tablecloth with his hands. Without noticing, he squeezed his knuckles so hard that they turned pale.

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