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   Chapter 579 Deal

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Cassandra got out from under the rug and sat up straight. Her eyes were bleary as she looked around, trying to take in her surroundings.

"Where are we?" Cassandra asked in a lazy voice.

Rufus slid closer to her and touched the tip of her nose. With a gentle smile, he replied, "Where do you think we are? You asked me to bring you here? Don't you remember?"

Cassandra's eyes lit up as she finally came to her senses. With surprise written all over her face, she gushed, "Are we in the cabin?"

Rufus nodded in affirmation. Before she could say another word, he took her by the hand and started to show her around.

Cassandra gazed at everything with infinite joy in her eyes. Looking at his wife's gleeful face, a doting smile spread across Rufus's lips.

He had guessed Cassandra would love this place. So when she was asleep, he had paid the rent to the landlord.

"Come over here, Rufus," Cassandra called out to him, standing further away from him.

Her sudden words made him think something had happened to her. Worried, he strode toward her.

He found the little woman squatting down in the corner, caressing a cat's dirty fur.

Relaxed, he too squatted down alongside her. Looking at the lifeless cat, he asked, "Do you feel sorry for this cat?"

With a nod, Cassandra replied, "Yeah, I do. Is it sick? It doesn't look well."

Rufus examined the cat for a bit, and proposed, "Let's take it to a vet."

Cassandra was about to pick it up when Rufus said alarmingly, "Wait up." He grabbed her hand before it touched the cat again. He hurried to the cane chair nearby and fetched a blanket. He wrapped the cat up in the blanket and then let Cassandra carry it.

He couldn't let Cassandra hold a stray cat, lest she should catch some infection. It was necessary to cover the cat with a blanket.

They headed out into the neighborhood to inquire if there was an animal hospital in the vicinity.

As they walked along the street, a good-looking man with a pale face caught sight of the stray cat in Cassandra's arms. A dash of pleasure and surprise flashed across his face. He ran toward the cat, and shouted with joy, "Snowball!"

Cassandra looked at his gleeful face and asked, "Do you know this cat?"

The young man smiled at her before replying, "Yes...It's a stray cat, but I often feed it."

Cassandra smiled back at him and asked if he knew of any vets nearby, at which he pointed westward. In a much friendlier than before tone, he then said, "Go straight along this street for a few hundred meters, then turn left. After walking for a while, you will see Allen's clinic on your left."

Cassandra thanked the warmhearted young man, and asked him his name.

The pallid man replied, "I'm Jarrod."

Cassandra too introduced herself and then headed westward with Rufus.

After taking a few steps, she sensed something was wrong with Rufus.

"What's going on with you, Rufus?" Cassandra asked with a concerned expression as she grabbed his arm.

'What's wrong with Rufus? He looked okay a while ago and now he looks upset, ' she pondered

assandra bit her lower lip and said in a determined tone, "please save the cat. I believe you can cure it!"

Allen narrowed his eyes, studying Rufus from top to bottom. "Rest assured. I will try my best for the sake of the delicious meal we are going to have," he said.

Rufus looked back at him coldly. If Cassandra weren't around, God knew what he would have done!

But his repulsion did not frustrate Allen.

He had a way to deal with men who were unwilling to sleep with him.

Soon, under Cassandra's nervous gaze, Allen started to operate on the cat.

Since he was a veteran vet, Allen finished the operation within an hour.

"Only give it liquid food for a month and take good care of it. Don't let it eat things which are difficult to digest," Allen urged.

Cassandra nodded her head. Looking at the unconscious cat cuddled up in the soft blanket, she smiled and said sincerely, "Thank you, Doctor Allen."

Allen shook his head, refusing to accept her gratitude. He said, "No need to thank me. You don't owe me anything as long as I am having dinner with this gentleman."

Without a second thought, she nodded and responded, "Sure thing! You guys go have a meal. I will take the cat back."

Rufus frowned at her and protested, "Not a chance. I want you to join us."

While she was passing by Rufus, Cassandra smiled and winked at him playfully. "I need to prepare food for the cat. I can't come with you. Have fun, Rufus. Don't stay out too late," she said and walked on chuckling, holding the cat in her arms.

She exited the clinic with a flare, humming a happy tune.

Rufus gave Allen a cold glance and asked, "Now what? Are you really planning to eat with me?"

Allen took off his white gloves and white gown. He flashed his insinuating smile again and replied in a low voice, "Of course."

Rufus balled his hands into fists. 'Now that the cat has gotten the surgery, and Cassandra has left, I can teach him a lesson.'

Allen, on the other hand, got even more excited seeing the ferocious look in Rufus's eyes.

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