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   Chapter 578 Full Of Happiness (Part Two)

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"No!" Cassandra immediately refused. "We're already more than halfway there! If we go back right now, that means we have been walking for nothing this whole time."

Hearing what she said, Rufus thought for a while. Finally, he gave in. "Fine, then. Let's keep walking."

As soon as Rufus said that, Cassandra found herself pulling a long face. For the time being, she wanted to walk neither forward nor backward. In fact, she didn't want to move at all.

It was sunny and the air was mixed with the faint fragrance of green grass. Cassandra lay down on the grass and started to watch the swirling clouds in the sky.

Seeing her looking so cozy, Rufus followed and lay by her side as well.

"Look, Rufus. It's like a marshmallow," Cassandra chuckled as she pointed at a cloud in the sky with her finger.

Following her finger with his gaze, he saw that the cloud indeed looked exactly like a fluffy marshmallow.

"When I was little, I lived with Granny Grace. In her house there was also a grassy area like this. I really enjoyed lying on it and counting the clouds in the sky until it was nighttime." Thinking of her childhood gave Cassandra mixed emotions.

That was the time when she had only started living with Grace and they hadn't been that close yet. She had no idea why her parents had left her.

During the loneliest and most confusing period of her life, she would count the clouds in the sky and wonder if any of them was just as lonely and isolated as she was.

"Cassandra, are you still awake?" Rufus asked as he noticed that she had gone quiet. He thought that maybe, she had fallen asleep.

Half opening her eyes, Cassandra said to Rufus, "I don't want t

erhaps the refreshing, gentle, air, soon, Cassandra closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Hearing her even breaths, Rufus felt peace in his heart.

In the endless field and under the vast sky, he and Cassandra looked insignificant. Being close to her, however, Rufus felt like he could not ask for anything more.

He walked a long way. Still, if it were up to him, he could go on and on without a destination.

By the time she woke, Cassandra was lying on a big cane chair under a soft and cozy blanket. Sunlight peeped from the spaces between the leaves and onto her face.

She raised a hand to rub her eyes. Still sleepy, she closed her eyes again. Mumbling inaudibly, she fell into slumber once again.

Under the sunlight, the skin on her face looked especially glossy. Rufus, who sat nearby waiting for her to wake up, looked enchanted.

Ever since, Rufus had always found her beautiful. She wasn't aggressively pretty. On the contrary, her beauty was subtle. It wasn't something one would notice outright, but once seen, it would be impossible to ignore.

"Are you awake?" Rufus finally asked moments later.

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