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   Chapter 576 You Are The Best. (Part Two)

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Rufus couldn't help smiling. 'She's taken quite an interest in food now!' he thought. "Well, let's take a look then."

At receiving his consent, Cassandra happily pulled Rufus by the hand and led the way. "Let's eat one burger together. My stomach doesn't have space for an entire burger."

"Alright." Rufus nodded.

However, after they took the burger from the counter, it was unexpectedly huge.

Freshly-made, it was still hot, but Cassandra took a bite a little too hastily. By the time she realized it was hot, it was too late and she almost dropped the burger. Thankfully, it wasn't a big piece she had taken.

Caught between a laugh and a cry, Rufus reached for a serviette and gently wiped her lips. "Take your time, dear. We aren't in a hurry at all," he advised.

When she got back her composure, Cassandra took her sweet time, nibbling away small bites with relish. The burger was so mouth-watering that she wished she had eaten sparingly at the first restaurant. She couldn't even finish half of the burger before she was full, again.

Pushing the rest of it to Rufus, Cassandra beamed a smile and urged him to help himself to some.

Despite his neat freak tendencies, he didn't refuse. He was always different in front of Cassandra.

Taking the burger from her, he now ate much better than he had done at the first restaurant. It didn't take him long to finish.

Cassandra was shocked that he would actually touch her half eaten burger! Then she grinned warmly at him.

She was so grateful that he had outgrown his little quirks about sharing food. His action seemed so natural, as if the two of them were supposed to be one inseparable thing—this was indeed the beauty of marriage.

"It's late now. Let's go for a walk then return to the hotel," Rufus suggested.

After the heavy meal, Cassandra was ful

the Dark Night Group came to bear. Even without a weapon, he had overpowered his two assailants.

By now the first guy had picked himself up, embarrassed, but still obstinate. With shaky hands, he pulled out the gun and was about to point it at Rufus.

But Rufus was prepared. The whole time, during the fight, he had been keeping an eye on their every move.

Before the man's hand could stabilize, Rufus kicked him so hard that the gun swung in the air. When it landed again, it was in Rufus's hand, and it was pointing at the rascal's head.

The man was terrified. "Hey man! It is loaded! Please, don't shoot," he pleaded, his eyes popping wide, sweat trickling down his face, his breath ragged and harsh.

"You messed with the wrong guy," Rufus said with a scornful smile.

When the other crook realized that Rufus had gotten the gun, he retreated a few steps back, ready to escape at the first chance.

But he was out of luck as Rufus noticed his movements. Rufus whacked the first guy on nape with the barrel.

Then the man collapsed into a heap and blacked out again.

The other man tried to sprint away, but Rufus caught up with him and pummeled him with blows to the head until he passed out too.

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