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   Chapter 575 You Are The Best. (Part One)

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Sitting on the couch, Cassandra stole a furtive glance at Rufus's computer screen which was still on.

She suspected he was mulling over some plans, even though he claimed to have delegated all the work to Victor when they left. But it turned out that he was still deeply engrossed.

Speaking of Victor, Cassandra wondered if he was quarreling with Stella again.

The two of them could never stop quarreling.

Rufus came to her with a pair of slippers and helped her put them on.

"Rufus, I'm hungry," she mumbled.

"OK. Let's go out and eat!" answered Rufus, turning off the computer.

"Well...But, isn't it too late?" asked Cassandra with a doubtful look in her eyes.

Rufus shook his head, smiling. "No. Not at all! Since the rain has just stopped, we can go out and breathe some fresh air. I like to savor that evocative, sweet smell of fresh rain."

Cassandra had enough sleep during the day. By now, she was already bored staying in the room, so she winked and gleefully accepted the idea. "Wait a second! I'm going to change my clothes! Be right back!" she enthused.

When she stepped out of the hotel, Cassandra's face immediately lit up at the dazzling lights and the bustling crowds. The city in the night was as busy as it was in the day, if not more!

"Where shall we go?" This was the main question on her mind.

Gently rubbing her hair, Rufus thought for a moment then pulled her by the hand and led the way.

It was a huge place. Cassandra read the words on the board, "Sky Mansion."

"Right. This is the earliest and most popular restaurant serving Chinese cuisines here in Melbourne. It has the best customer ratings. It is so popular that without booking beforehand, you would have to wait for hours."

Confused, Cassandra asked, "Then do we have to wait now?"

Turning his head to her, Rufus smiled and answered proudly, "Of course you don't have to. Your husband knows better than tha

. But with time, her stubborn insistence on being an independent lady who didn't depend on a soul had waned. And she was now pretty happy with the fact that Rufus was in her world.

As they walked out the restaurant, Rufus held her hand. "Now that we are full, can we take a stroll to let the food settle?"

It was a good suggestion, but to his surprise, Cassandra didn't need much of a break. In fact, only a few meters on, when she saw the signboard to another restaurant down the street, she asked, if they could try out their food.

"Are you sure you can eat more right now?" Rufus asked, with a look of surprise. He thought she might be kidding. 'She has eaten quite a lot today. How is it possible that she wants to eat again?' he wondered.

For the time he had known her, Cassandra's appetite wasn't all that awesome, so to speak. All that she did with food all the time was nibble on quite a small amount. But down here in Melbourne, she ate really well. What had changed?

"I know this store." Cassandra's eyes lit up as she pointed at the signboard of the Grill'd—arguably, Melbourne's best burger outlet, altogether different from KFC or McDonald's. "I heard they are very meticulous in sourcing their meat and their chefs are absolutely world class," she explained.

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