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   Chapter 574 Intimacy During Honeymoon

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10437

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It was raining heavily when Cassandra arrived in Melbourne. The sound of big raindrops falling on the camphor trees and the wind blowing heavily against them filled the air.

"Rufus, didn't you check the weather beforehand?" Cassandra turned and asked the man who carried a suitcase behind her, wearing sunglasses and a puzzled expression.

Rufus walked forward to hold her closer with his other arm. Then, he spoke with a voice way more pleasant than the sound of heavy rainfall, "Of course, I did. It's just that the weather forecast here in Melbourne is always very inaccurate."

Cassandra pouted in discontent. "If I knew this earlier, we would not have come here," she said.

With a smile, Rufus held her cheek between his fingers. "You'd better stop complaining. Don't forget who excitedly picked this place as the destination for our honeymoon."

His words successfully shut her up. It was she who had insisted on this place when they were choosing a destination for their honeymoon.

"Alright. First things first, let's go to the hotel to check in," Rufus said, trying to hide an amused smile at the corners of his mouth. He liked how Cassandra looked when she was angry.

Rufus sat comfortably on the soft, king-sized bed in the middle of the presidential suite as Cassandra worked on unpacking their clothes and hanging them in the closet, one by one.

Warmth filled him as he watched her work and tidy up.

The first time they met, he never would have imagined the many things that could happen between them. They had both been through so many hardships that had led them to different detours in their lives, but fortunately, through it all, they still ended up together.

With these thoughts in mind, he stood up and walked towards her. Tenderly, he touched her slender waist with his arms and sought her earlobe with his lips. He licked and bit it gently.

Cassandra blushed immediately. Without thinking, she pushed him away. "What are you doing? It's still so early in the day! I'm still busy with unpacking our luggage. Please don't disturb me yet," she said.

Since their wedding day, Rufus had been less and less conscious about behaving in front of her. Not only did he ask for extravagant sex at night, he would also drop a hint every now and then in the daytime.

Cassandra's reaction upset Rufus a bit. "Honey, it is raining outside. I'm bored and there's nothing much I can do. Can you please keep me company for a little bit?"

As the president of the TY Group, he was always calm and composed. In front of Cassandra, however, he was just as ordinary as a complaining housewife.

Seeing him like that amused Cassandra.

"Ahahahaha!" Cassandra could not help but burst into laughter. It seemed impossible to stay angry at him. "Find something to do, will you? I will accompany you as soon as I finish tidying up our clothes,"

she said without taking another look at Rufus. She then continued fixing up their clothes.

After everything was placed neatly in the closet, she took out two sets of pajamas—one for Rufus, and one for herself.

Despite being able to chang


"Oh, Cassandra, you look lovely when you're nervous," Rufus said in barely a whisper.

Realizing how he tried to frighten her intentionally just a few moments ago, she pulled a long face. "Where did you hide?" she asked.

After kissing her tiny earlobe, Rufus answered, "I was just behind the door. You didn't see me. That was not my fault."

Cassandra took a look at him, a bit embarrassed. "Put on your pajamas first," she said.

Seeing how shy Cassandra was, Rufus felt his sexual desire was rising rapidly.

He had been with Cassandra for a long time by now, but still he was not done with exploring her body—far from enough. Like a magnet, he had always been attractive to her.

"No, I'm not putting them on! Because then I'll have to take them off again when..." Rufus said as he bent down to suddenly pick Cassandra up and carry her in his arms.

Taken by surprise, Cassandra couldn't help but scream.

The raindrops knocked at the window from outside. The pitter-patter of falling rain sounded like a nice little symphony, probably the best one in the world.

There was neither business nor rivals that bothered him. There was only the cool air, dark sky, drizzling rain, and the peaceful face of his beloved waiting for him.

Rufus thought about how willingly he would give up anything to have such a life forever.

It was already completely dark when Cassandra woke up. Rufus was not in the spot next to her.

She was so hungry that her stomach grumbled loudly. Putting the blankets aside, she got out of bed and walked out of the room barefoot.

"Rufus," Cassandra called out.

Rufus was working on his laptop. The moment he heard her, he quickly replied, "I'm in the living room."

Cassandra ran to him immediately. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Rufus was about to answer her question when he found that she didn't wear any shoes. He frowned immediately.

"The floor is cold. You might catch a cold walking barefoot!" He quickly picked her up and carried her to the sofa, and then walked to the bedroom to fetch her slippers.

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