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   Chapter 573 The Wedding Day

The Enchanted Night By Beer Characters: 10005

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Joyfully, Stella held the bouquet of flowers she had just received with a suppressed smile, her cute face blushing with the color of roses. Her dimpled cheeks were blossoming with beauty, and her eyes were radiating happiness that words couldn't describe. Everyone congratulated her, wishing her the best luck in finding her true love.

She had already turned 25, the age of which according to their customs, a woman should find a suitor and settle in marriage. That was the current state of Stella—everyone around was encouraging her, hoping she'd find a good man with matching values, and someone who would also fit in with the demands of her rising profession. But she was over-extended in time and had virtually no social life.

Lost in admiring the flowers, for a moment she forgot about the world around her. Walking straight ahead, she didn't look around, until she bumped into a brick wall—a giant of a man, with such massive sculpted muscles that she had to look again to confirm what she was seeing.


Stella winced. When she raised her head, a cold and stern look appeared in her eyes.

"Miss Mu, I'm sorry."

Even when he was making an apology, Victor still sounded cold and superficial, which annoyed Stella.

'Why does this creep always carry himself with an insolent demeanor? I don't even know what he is thinking or feeling behind that poker face, ' Stella silently cursed.

Although they had known each other for quite some time, Stella found Victor was forever ice-cold no matter what she did.

"Right, the person who got the flowers has to drink! Stella, you can't escape that!" Infuriated by Victor's arrogance, Stella was standing still when she heard Cassandra and her other friends shouting her name. At once, she peered at Victor's back, then sprinted to Cassandra and the team. "I'm coming!"

Not one to miss out on fun, Stella readily took the glass, downed it in gulps, and gleefully turned it upside-down to wild cheers from her friends. Quite a guzzler, Stella would drink like a fish in the company of her friends. And they had fun in nudging her on, especially on such an occasion. Today, she was on another level.

By the end of the wedding, she'd already blacked out. Burying her head into Cassandra's chest, she could barely support herself.

"Hello, Victor, could you please help taking Stella home!" Victor was on his way out of the restaurant, when he heard Cassandra talking to him.

"Yes?" answered Victor, peering at Stella, with a blank face. "Okay."

Then picking Stella up, he brought her to his car.

Stella started to mumble but Victor couldn't recognize what she was saying.

The trees at the sides of the road cast mysterious silhouettes on the car windows, flashing away one after another. The dim street light faintly penetrated the fast-moving windows, reflecting Stella's neat face. Maybe she was tired of mumbling. Her head dropped onto Victor's shoulder and she fell asleep. Her entire weight leaned agains

g him. She kissed his forehead, his cheeks, his lips… Kisses fell on him from one place to another. The 'assault' was so ferocious that he didn't even get a chance to respond.

"Hello! Wake up!" Victor shouted as he shoved her back, trying to keep a distance from this 'horny' woman.

However, the more he tried to push her back, the closer she wanted to come. She stuck her head to his shoulder and wrapped him up with her limbs.

"Please don't leave me…" Stella pleaded in a tearful tone. "I know I got some things wrong in the past… I was rash, irrational and unkind in so many ways.

Please, if you are willing to stay, I am willing to change all these. I promise!" Letting go of Victor, she eyed his face affectionately and smiled. "I know you don't want to leave me. That's why you came back. You came back for me, right?

Ha-ha… I knew it!" Then she hugged the man tight again as if he were her biggest treasure in the whole world. "This time, you are not going to leave me. Am I right? Didn't we promise to stay together forever? Didn't we say that we would leave our footprints in many places around the world, and we would have kids together? Right?

Come take a look." She grabbed the man's hand and pulled him to the bedroom. "You see, even after we fought and went our separate ways, I still did this for you! I designed this bedroom, taking into account all your tastes and preferences. Everything we had ever planned together for our bedroom, I followed to the last detail," she muttered.

"Did you also say you want a rocking chair there?" Following where Stella was pointing, Victor saw a delicate rocking chair for two near the French windows.

"And how do you like violet—your favorite color going into the curtains? I knew you would be back! Because I did everything you've asked me to!" Perhaps she was tired from talking, plus she hadn't really recovered from the drunken state; the next moment, she fell on Victor again and they both slumped onto the bed.

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