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   Chapter 570 No More Lone-Ranger Decisions (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5742

Updated: 2019-09-11 00:12

"Rufus, I love you. If I die, please look after my family for me! Make sure you marry a woman of your dreams. If possible, get someone better than me, so that I'll rest in peace knowing you're in safe hands. I..."

The blending of love, so sweet and strong, and sorrow, so deep and strange, gripped her heart in a knot. The thought that they'd never again be together in this life was unbearable. And though she was no believer in God, she could only pray that they'd reunite in the afterlife. That God, if he existed, would at least grant them more time in the hereafter. But for now, it was the closing of a chapter. Dark stormy clouds loomed on the horizon, threatening to rip her helpless soul from beneath the pitiful shelter of the car.

Just then, a shadow appeared outside her window on the driver side, obscuring her view.

Her heart tightened into a knot. Unconsciously, the cellphone slipped down from her hand.

Slowly, she turned her head around to check what had cast the shadow. To her great surprise, what appeared in her sight was a face she was extremely familiar with.

Right outside the window Rufus's handsome face zoomed into sight. Frowning, he stared at the little woman with a mixture of confusion and tender concern.

Was there a legitimate reason for her to suspect that she was tailed by some bad guy?

Tears ran unchecked down her face. Too overcome with emotion, too feeble to say a word, she just stared at him with wide-open eyes.

She could hardly believe what she was seeing—to realize it was Rufus and not Clark inside the black car.

Calmly, Rufus hinted her to open the door, which she did, after coming back to her senses slowly. Then like a child, she threw herself

hing strange about the way Cassandra looked and reacted when she thought Clark had somebody trailing her. 'Could it be that she has found something valuable, ' he suspected.

"On the back seat!"

Cassandra answered. Reminded by Rufus's question, she remembered her findings. Hastily, she got up from his arms, went to open the back door and brought out the small box she had taken from Clark's suite.

When Rufus opened the box, his face changed color as soon as he saw the contents.

Then Cassandra told him what Clark had said on the phone when she was hiding in the closet. While listening to her, Rufus squinted, oozing a dangerous aura.

"Rufus, I have something else to tell you,"

she said, summoning all her courage to look at him with a business face.

"What's that?"

Rufus asked, gazing at her in confusion.

"Clark wanted to make a deal with me. He said he would help me find the real culprit in my dad's case. But he said he'd do that only on one condition—that I persuade you to leave Dark Night Group!"

After she said that, Cassandra felt a great sense of relief as she was finally getting it off her chest.

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