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   Chapter 568 Hiding In The Closet

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The mayor didn't urge her to stay; instead, he only nodded slightly to show that he had heard Cassandra.

After saying goodbye to the mayor's wife, Cassandra turned around to leave immediately. It wasn't until she got into her car that she could relax and breathe with relief.

The time she had been face to face with the mayor came back to her mind again and again. She could sense he had been quite unhappy to see her on such an occasion.

Cassandra started the car, leaving the mayor's house and headed to Garden Villa. Along the way, she kept feeling like she had overlooked something but couldn't figure out what it was.

Cloris came out running to greet her the moment she reached home.

"Cassandra, did you tell Stella about me?"

Cloris asked with anticipation, looking forward to an affirmative answer from her elder sister. However, Cassandra was lost in thoughts and was still unable to come back to her senses.

"About your what?"

Cassandra gazed at Cloris with a confused expression. She couldn't understand what she was asking.

"I asked you to introduce me to her and help me get in the Super Voice. What else could it be?"

Cloris reminded her patiently with her face and voice full of expectations.

Only then did Cassandra recall what had happened before she left. Helplessly, she shook her head.

In a low tone, she said, "You'd better stop thinking about that, Cloris. You cannot participate in such kind of contest before your graduation. It would have a negative impact on your studies."

Cloris pouted in response, realizing Cassandra hadn't changed her mind.

"Humph! I thought you would help me and bring me a registration form. But now since you're not helping me, I won't help you either,"

Cloris said angrily and turned around to go back inside, stomping her feet. At the same time, Cassandra suddenly got a hold of herself. She took a few quick steps forward and clutched Cloris's hand.

"Help me with what?" she asked.

She frowned slightly and gazed at Cloris, wondering what she meant by saying that.

"Don't you want to find the evidence to prove that Clark Ji is hiding drugs? One of my classmates' sister is doing internship at his hotel. I planned to ask her help to go through his drawers. But now that you're unwilling to help me, just forget about it!"

Cloris said with sass, then continued walking away in rage. She pouted so much that her mouth looked like it was stuffed with bread.

Cassandra suddenly felt enlightened, thinking of a possibility as she recalled the scene from the mayor's house again.

This was perhaps the thing that had been bugging her. When she saw Clark in the mayor's house, he looked quite flustered. Why would that be?

He was an ungrateful and scheming bastard. He wouldn't look so nervous unless something significant made it hard for him to hide his emotions.

There could only be one possibility.

The idea unfurled quickly in Cassandra's head. Stressfully, she ran after Cloris again and grasped her hand.

"I will help you sign up for the contest," she said.

Cassandra looked straight into her eyes. She had firmly decided to gamble on the only thing that seemed possible.

"Don't lie to me,"

Cloris looked back at Cassandra in suspicion, trying her best to put a stop to the feelings of complacency in her heart.

Hearing her doubt, Cassandra immediat

d to have risen to her throat.

Clark's voice came louder this time from the living room. It sounded like he was talking on the phone.

Cassandra pricked her ears up to listen but couldn't make out the words very well due to the sound insulation between the two rooms.

His voice kept getting closer and louder. Cassandra's heart started to thud unbelievably fast as her forehead sweated with stress.

Clark opened the door and entered the bedroom, still talking on the phone.

"I don't care how you make it. I have gotten the goods ready. You only need to bring them here as soon as possible. Then you have to do nothing but wait for the money to reach your account. This time we aren't doing business with ordinary people. You'd better be careful!"

Clark said in a gloomy voice, sounding discontented.

It sounded like the person on the other side of the phone was trying to explain something to him, but Clark was too impatient to listen.

"Don't make excuses! There is no margin for any excuse! If Rufus is keeping a close watch on you, get rid of him! And remember to never leave an evidence for him. Trust me, you will be dead before you even know it,"

Clark roared in the phone and fiercely hung up. He was so furious that he punched the wall several times.

'Damn it! How did Rufus find my men delivering the goods! He really is playing with fire. How dare he try to ruin my business so brazenly?'

With these thoughts in his mind, a cruel look came across his face. He had been engaged in this business for a long time. However, of late Rufus had been keeping a close watch on him. 'Humph! It seems like you are planning to pick a fight against me soon. Right, Rufus?'

Clark clenched his teeth with hatred, thinking how Rufus had always been a threat to him in the Dark Night Group.

He really ought to have killed him a long time ago, but he had chosen to be merciful.

Cassandra stirred in the closet, frightened with Clark's words.

She did not know Rufus was keeping a watch on Clark. He had never mentioned anything about it to her.

Right then, Clark's eyes fell on the closet. He took a few steps in its direction and finally stood in front of it. Inside, Cassandra held her breath and crossed her fingers.

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