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   Chapter 567 A Visit To The Major's Residence.

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Cassandra smiled slightly as she watched the excited Stella.

" are you doing, Cassandra?" Stella asked, looking concerned.

In a long while, she hadn't met Cassandra.

"Rufus and I are getting married in the fall," Cassandra replied with a shrug.

Although she acted calm, there was detectable sadness in her large eyes.

"Congratulations!" Stella gushed, staring at Cassandra with a delighted face.

'Finally, she got together with Rufus, ' she thought, feeling happy for her friend.

"I hope you can be my bridesmaid," Cassandra said.

Taking a sincere look at Stella, she reached out to hold her hands.

"Sure. I would love to! And I'm looking forward to getting your bridal bouquet," Stella replied with a beaming smile.

There was an expectant look in her eyes.

"But my dad can't be there that day," Cassandra sighed with a frown.

Frustration was written all over her face.

"Don't worry about Uncle. He will get out and come back to you one day,"

still holding hands, Stella offered comforting words.

"I've found out that my dad didn't bribe officials. Another person did that," Cassandra said emotionally.

The intrigues of her father's case were weighing down on her shoulders, so much that she needed someone to confess to.

"What did you just say? Are you sure about that? Do you have strong evidence?" Stella asked, gaping at her friend.

It was a bombshell to her.

"Stubbornly, my dad remains tight-lipped about it, but I'm certain that he was set up."

Cassandra's voice echoed with determination.

When she visited Vernon last time, his response at the mention of his case aroused her suspicion. From that point, she knew in her gut that her dad was framed.

"There's another official who also went to jail together with Uncle, on charges of fraud. That man was not a low-ranking official. Does it mean that someone higher than him was involved?" Stella speculated.

She shivered with fear at the thought that the official had committed suicide soon after he had been put behind bars.

Misgivings reflected in Cassandra's eyes. Stella's assumption resonated with hers too.

"The man behind all that must be a high-ranking official, I'm sure. Perhaps that's why I can't collect much useful information about the program that my dad was in charge of. It seems like someone has eliminated all the evidence deliberately," Cassandra said in a depressed tone.

It was disappointing that so far, all her efforts were not leading to any meaningful conclusion.

"Cassandra, Uncle didn't want you to dig into that, right?"

Stella fixed her eyes on her friend.

"Absolutely! He didn't want me to get involved in anything to do with his case. I know he is doing this for my sake, but I can't watch him pay the price for what he hasn'

gs in the backseat before getting in.

The major's wife gave directions to the house, avoiding routes with heavy traffic. Soon, Cassandra drove into a neighborhood with many old buildings.

It surprised Cassandra that the major would keep a low profile like this. 'Who would expect such a high-ranking officer to live in a humble neighborhood like this?' she wondered.

Carefully, she drove into the yard and parked the car, just a few meters from the house. As she got off, she followed the major's wife to the house, helping with some of the shopping bags.

When the two reached the living room, Cassandra was startled to spot a familiar face.

"Clark? What are you doing here?"

Cassandra asked with a stunned expression.

A dash of panic flashed across Clark's face. It was obvious that he hadn't expected to meet Cassandra there.

When he finally pulled himself together, he turned around and shook hands with the major.

"Thank you for your support. I will not fail you. I will do my best to contribute to the development of the hotel industry in the city," he said politely.

A visible smile appeared on the major's lips.

"Honey, why didn't you tell me that we'll have a visitor coming?" the major asked, looking at his wife.

His face was suddenly overcast with a trace of displeasure.

"Our car broke down and Cassandra offered to drive me home. If I hadn't been afraid to disrupt you and your visitor, I would have called you to send another chauffeur to pick me up," the major's wife explained, sounding slightly upset.

She gave her husband a look and noticed that he was unhappy with her bringing a stranger home.

"Uh, I have to go now. I have something to take care of at home," Cassandra excused herself, feeling embarrassed.

'Perhaps the major got angry because I came here without making an appointment, ' she guessed.

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