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   Chapter 566 Super Producer Stella Mu

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Edith's words made Cassandra blush even more. Cloris, on the other hand, complained, "Mom, you're really biased when it comes to Cassandra and the baby. Have you even thought of me?"

She pouted, hearing her mother announce making special mess only for her elder sister and the baby.

"You little foodie! Every time I cooked a new dish, you waited in the kitchen for me to finish and then filled your belly into a round one. Have you forgotten that? How is it unfair if I talk about giving special mess for your sister and her baby now? If you want fairness, first you will have to return all that you have eaten when she wasn't here,"

Edith said jokingly. Cloris looked back at her with a defeated, innocent face.

Sheepishly, she replied, "Mom, I always tasted your new dishes and that was free of charge, wasn't it? Wasn't each comment I gave valuable? How could you interpret my behavior in this way?"

Cloris pretended to be annoyed, but her eyes shone with a playful smile.

A little away from them, Nancy stood up with a smile.

Walking towards them, she said, "Edith, both your daughters are perfectly complementary. One is tender, while the other is lively. I can't help but envy you!"

She showed her admiration towards Edith without hesitating but a glimmer of loneliness persisted at the corner of her crinkling eyes.

She was allowed to rest once every week and could return home on that day. But Edith realized that a week was over and Nancy hadn't mentioned anything about going back home.

"I feel blessed," Edith replied, smiling, then continued, "By the way, aren't you going back home to see your son? The day before yesterday was supposed to be your day off. Why didn't you go home?"

Nancy had been working overtime without any extra pay and did not even take a day off when she could.

"He was busy working. Even if I went back, I wouldn't have gotten a chance to see him. That's why I thought it was best I didn't go..."

Nancy explained with a forced smile on her face.

Edith could sense Nancy wasn't in a good mood. She meant to ask her why out of care, but then she remembered that Nancy was an unmarried mother. It was said that every family had a skeleton in the cupboard. Edith believed it was improper to pry into other people's privacy, so she didn't even try to touch that topic.

"Alas...Children grow up so fast. I still clearly remember what my daughters looked like when they were little..."

she said with a sense of nostalgia, thinking of Little Cassandra and Little Cloris running around the house. Her eyes turned teary.

"When they were little, they usually wore similar white, gauzy skirts. Cassandra was only a bit taller than Cloris. The two of them always played in the courtyard, hand in hand. I could see them playing when I stood at the porch. It still feels like it all happened just yesterday."

Her voice was tender, as if she was handling a fragile memory. The memories filled her up with warmth, like she was lying down on a hill in the morning sunlight.

"It feels like they have grown up in the blink of an eye. Cloris is going to graduate from university soon, and Cassandra is getting

lic relation. The two of them had been on the same level. But now things had changed so much. She kept running into snags and was foiled everywhere while Stella kept getting better and better. With such a contrast in mind, Cassandra felt sad for herself.

"So Cassandra, why did you want to see me?"

Stella asked, gazing at her friend in confusion.

"Oh...Lyndsy called me a few days ago,"

Cassandra said. It was not until now that she remembered why she had actually come to meet Stella. She then told her about the conversation she had had with Lyndsy.

"Really?! Do you mean Lyndsy is coming back very soon?"

Stella asked. The news excited her so much that she clapped her hands out loud.

"Yeah. She will come back home as soon as her treatment is finished. It seems like she got in touch with me as her treatment was highly effective. I had asked her parents for her phone number once but at the time they had said Lyndsy didn't allow it."

Cassandra talked about Lyndsy with a warm smile on her face. She was genuinely happy for her.

"That would be great! You must advice Lyndsy to join TY Entertainment! Tell her not to run her own studio any longer. It's so tiring! If she joins TY Entertainment, I will equip her with the best agents."

Stella already started to plan out Lyndsy's future career. She had always been congenial to her and they had a lot in common. She couldn't wait to help her friend regain her fame as a top star now that she knew she was coming back!

"You're too excited! She didn't say she is coming back right away."

Cassandra could not help but laugh at how eager Stella was.

She found Stella as impetuous as she had always been.

"You know what? Lyndsy is an actress with real strength. I have to make her agree to join our company as soon as possible!"

Stella burst into laughter too. Truth was, she'd been worried about Lyndsy for being absent from the entertainment circle for a long time. After all, more and more new faces kept appearing and one would never know what kind of disastrous decline in popularity could a month's delay result into.

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