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   Chapter 565 Fight For The Family

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Cassandra felt like she was sinking into endless darkness.

Looking at Vernon who avoided making eye contact with her, she had already made a conclusion.

'Looks like Clark didn't lie. Dad is innocent. He took the fall for someone else.

But who is Dad trying to protect? Who is behind all of this?'

Realizing that Vernon would not tell her the truth, Cassandra's heart was growing heavier.

'For Dad not to tell me the truth, it means whoever he's covering up for must be influential, ' she speculated.

"Rest assured, Dad. I will take good care of Mom and Cloris. But are you sure you want to spend many more years trapped in jail? I know you are innocent. Mom misses you very much. Although she doesn't say anything, I know she is looking forward to seeing you back early," Cassandra said, staring at her father.

She tried to talk Vernon into telling her whom he took the fall for. That would assist her in getting him out of prison early.

However, Vernon just stared at her with his teary eyes, and shook his head.

A helpless and painful look in his eyes made Cassandra's heart sink.

'He's struggling, like he wants to tell me the truth, but he has to keep it from me for some reason.'

Cassandra frowned at the thought.

"Thank you, Cassandra. I'll get out soon. Just...take care of yourself, your mother and sister, please..." Vernon said in a shaky voice.

Sadness filling his eyes, he stared at Cassandra with much so fatherly concern.

'It's not someone that I can betray. Apart from being one of the most powerful people in G City, soon, he's also headed for promotion. If I reverse the verdict, he will not let me get away with it. In fact, if I dare sell him out, my family will be in big trouble, ' he thought.

Feeling sad and helpless, Cassandra stared blankly at Vernon. 'I always thought Dad could handle anything. But at the moment, there's a real struggle he's facing. Apparently, it's something quite beyond him, judging by the way he's acting tight-lipped.

To make matters worse, it seems there isn't much I can do to get him out of jail. However, I am going to fight for him! No matter what it takes, I'll not sit pretty and watch him waste more years in jail for something he didn't do.'

"Dad, rest assured, I will help you out," Cassandra said with determination.

Then she rose from her seat and intended to leave.

"Don't act on a whim, Cassandra!" Vernon cautioned, looking tensed.

Aware of how heavily the odds were stacked against, he didn't want to see his daughter take unnecessary risks because of him.

'He is a powerful man here. If he finds out that Cassandra is going to reopen the case, she will be in real trouble, ' he thought anxiously.

"No, I'll not do anything stupid. I will proceed with great caution, that I promise. But come rain or sunshine I must find evidence to prove your innocence. Believe me, Dad!" Cassandra reassured.

She understood Vernon's concern.

"No, I don't want you to take the chances,"

Vernon said, frowning at her.

He knew Cassandra's character very well. 'If she really means to help me out, she'll do anything, regardless of the risks.'

"Please don't say that, Dad. I am doing this for our family,"

Cassandra said firmly.

At thi

frustrations weighed heavily on her shoulders. And as much as her mom and sister wanted to know what was up, there was no way she would reveal anything without putting the family in danger. But if she kept on like this, it would still affect the very people she was trying to protect.

"There's a point in what Cloris has said. Being underweight may come with birth related complications, which I guess is something you'd want to avoid," Edith followed.

Her words caught her daughters by great surprise, Cassandra in particular.

"What are you talking about, Mom? We haven't gotten married yet," Cassandra said, feeling embarrassed.

For Edith, she couldn't wait to see her grandchildren. In fact, she hoped that Cassandra could have a child with Rufus in soonest possible.

"Why are you overreacting? You already moved in with him and wedding formalities don't mean as much as you think they do. Besides, I've already accepted Rufus as my son-in-law," Edith retorted straightforwardly.

'If I don't mention this, she'll want to postpone having a baby for now, ' she thought.

Still standing by her sister's side, Cloris covered her mouth and giggled.

But Edith, satisfied to have dropped the bomb, ignored their reactions. She cast Cloris a sidelong look, and the latter picked up her spoon and continued eating her soup silently.

"Mom, having a baby is not up to us. Besides, Rufus and I are not eager to have a child," Cassandra responded with a blush.

'Why is she so keen on this?' she wondered.

"Why not? I have fixed your wedding date. It's not a big deal if you get pregnant before marriage. I will take care of your baby," Edith said decidedly.

She was oblivious of Cassandra's attitude about having a baby.

Cassandra knew that Edith wouldn't listen to her. 'Now that we are living with her, she will nag about this on and on for sure, ' she sighed.

"In case you are worried about finding a good nanny, I can be of great help here and much more to the baby. For example, with my cooking skills, you wouldn't have to worry about the baby's nutrition."

Edith studied Cassandra up and down with an inquisitive look on her face.

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