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   Chapter 563 A Fair Deal

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The elevator hummed with life as it traversed the building. The display finally stopped on Cassandra's desired floor—the floor where Clark had resided in the past.

She had a strong gut feeling that Clark was inside the suite at the moment.

Myriad feelings flooded her heart all at once. Like the old saying goes, a sly rabbit will have three openings to its den—Clark indeed had a few safe houses. She must admit, she had never even considered the possibility that he was here.

When the door swung open, Amanda and Cassandra strode in the suite in rapid succession.

Clark was sitting on the wide sofa in a casual, laidback manner, his legs crossed, when he saw Cassandra.

"Hello, Cassandra!" he greeted her as if nothing had happened.

He eyed Cassandra carefully up and down. Seeing that her eyes were darting around the room anxiously, he knew that she had hoped to spot Cloris.

"Put your heart at ease, Cassandra. Your sister is fine. Perfectly fine. Nothing has happened to her...yet,"

Clark said with a smile. His eyes flashed with satisfaction.

He knew what he had done was good judgement on his part. Just as he predicted, Cassandra's weakest link was her family. Both her mother and her younger sister were her Achilles' heel.

At the same time, she, herself was Rufus's Achilles' heel.

"Where is my sister? I'm coming to get her. I'm taking her home. Our mother is waiting,"

Cassandra boomed. Her wording was brief, concise yet powerful. She got straight to the point. She didn't want to stay in this wretched place any longer than necessary.

Hearing her words, a mischievous smile formed on the corners of Clark's mouth. Cassandra was too simple-minded if she thought that Clark would easily let Cloris go. How could he let her go so easily now?

"Oh Cassandra. Take a breather, will you? We agreed to talk today, right? So sit down, and let's talk,"

Clark said in a borderline condescending tone. Everyone in the room knew that Cassandra had no choice but to comply, since her sister was at the mercy of this man. Ice gripped Cassandra's heart.

Clark was cunningly brutal. Cassandra had no idea where Cloris was, so she could do nothing but comply with his demands. She was in an extremely disadvantageous position.

Cassandra replied, "Alright then. Say whatever it is you wanted to say."

She still stood straight, refusing to sit down.

"Okay." Clark paused for effect. "Then let me speak as frankly as possible."

Clark stood up to meet Cassandra's level. Slowly, he moved towards Cassandra.

"As you may know, I am Rufus Luo's superior, but he has never once treated me like one. He has spoken to me rudely countless times. For this precise reason, I could have kicked him out of the Dark Night Group ages ago. However, I have never done so because I am too kind to shame him. Therefore..."

Clark, paused yet again. He took a good hard look at Cassandra's expression.

Cassandra blinked anxiously without uttering a single word in response.

"I am giving him a chance to voluntarily resign!"

Clark uttered the gist of his sentence. Upon hearing this, Cassandra bit her lip.


. She's fine, right?"

Clark didn't care at all. He could care less about such a trivial matter.

Cassandra had to let go, albeit with a heavy heart.

If Clark had pretended to be a sweet gentleman in the past, he had no reason anymore to hide his true nature.

He even went as far as kidnapping now. Cassandra thought that he was too full of himself.

"I'm okay, Cassandra. Let's go home!"

Cloris was fidgety and was eager to leave the place. She pulled Cassandra's arm and headed towards the door.

"Cassandra, it's getting late. How about you take your sister home, and consider my offer,"

Clark said, pretending to be considerate with matching fake concern. His hypocrisy made Cassandra want to hurl insults at him.

She took a long hard look at him. Clark had once been a handsome man in her eyes, now there was only disgust.

"No matter what you're striving for, never involve my family again!"

Cassandra said before swiftly turning around and leaving the suite.

Clark watched them leave, still smiling.

It wasn't until they left that Amanda started to speak.

"Clark, how could you talk to her like that? Aren't you afraid that she might tell Rufus as soon as she left?"

Amanda asked in puzzlement. Things hadn't gone as planned. She thought that Clark would force Cassandra to accept his conditions since Cloris was still his hostage. She never expected Clark would let go of the sisters so easily.

"She won't. If she would tell Rufus everything, Rufus would have known that Cloris was missing as soon as I took her. As a result, he wouldn't let her come here alone with you."

Clark casually walked back to the sofa and sat down in a laidback manner. The smug expression on his face seemed to indicate that it all went according to his plan.

With her eyes fixed on the man in front of her, Amanda felt like she was looking at an eccentric.

She wondered whether Clark was always correct in guessing what was on other people's minds. She couldn't help but shudder at the thought.

She often felt that hiding things from him was an impossible task.

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