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   Chapter 562 What You Did Was Kidnapping

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"Clark, what the hell do you want?"

Amanda's voice was shaking when she spoke.

"No matter what I did, isn't my ultimate goal in line with yours?"

Clark chuckled—to Amanda, it sounded like it came from hell.

"Our goal?"

a bewildered Amanda asked.

"Didn't you want to leave me? I already told you that if Rufus surrendered, you could leave; otherwise, only if Rufus left the Dark Night Group could you leave me."

Clark seemed to be growing impatient. Amanda never knew what to do in times like this.

So she remained silent for a moment.

"Why do you want Rufus to leave the Dark Night Group? He's never had any interest in your power!"

Amanda thought that Clark was being unnecessarily aggressive. Rufus was being nothing but nice to him yet Clark couldn't seem to see it that way.

"We can't be both in the Dark Night Group. I'm not going anywhere so he has to go,"

Clark said firmly. Amanda was oversimplifying things.

For Clark, as long as Rufus was in the Group, he was a threat to him.

Amanda thought to herself, 'Rufus wouldn't be able to handle leaving the Dark Night Group, but if he stays, who knows what Clark will do to him?

What should I do?'

"Amanda, I'm giving you a chance. If you refuse, you can kick her out and pretend that you don't know anything. But if you're willing to cooperate with me, you can do whatever you want,"

Clark sounded impatient. Amanda's going back and forth irked Clark.

"Fine, I will bring her to you!"

Amanda said, finally agreeing. All she wanted was to get rid of Clark, but as for Rufus…

Amanda swore to herself that she would help Rufus if he wanted to come back to the Dark Night Group later. After all, Charlie was still there.

Cassandra had been waiting outside for a while now and Amanda still hadn't come back. She thought to herself, 'Is Amanda trying to pull a joke on me?'

Cassandra frowned at the thought of this when suddenly, Amanda appeared.

"Let's go,"

Amanda said coldly as she walked towards the garage.

Cassandra felt relieved.

It seemed that Cloris was with Clark indeed!

Cassandra relaxed when she realized that Cloris was safe and that she was going to see her soon.

She was thankful that she had waited.


en she thought of Cloris.

"Does your mother like the new nanny?"

A smile formed on Rufus's mouth.

"Oh yes, my mom's getting along with her. Thank you for asking."

At first sight, Nancy already looked like someone she could trust. The lady looked like she knew what she was doing. She was one of the best, in fact. Rufus must have done his research before hiring her.

"Alright! Time to sleep, you should go to bed,"

Rufus said. Even though he wanted to talk to Cassandra more, he didn't want to bother her anymore as she seemed to be resting.

"Okay, good night."

Cassandra hung up the phone, at the same time, she breathed a sigh of relief.

She was feeling guilty especially as she continued following Amanda's car.

'If only I'd taken Cloris home yesterday, this never would've happened.

Or if I had called Clark yesterday and questioned him like I should have, then things wouldn't have turned out this way.'

But still, Cassandra couldn't understand Clark's motive behind the kidnapping. What did he want to achieve?

Her instincts told her that whatever his motive was it was definitely not out of the good of his heart, if there was any.

The car stopped outside a magnificent-looking hotel. Cassandra's heart sank.

It was the five-star hotel that belonged to Clark. She had worked here before.

Was Cloris here?

"Come on! I think you know this place."

Amanda turned around and looked at Cassandra before turning back around and stalking off. ...

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