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   Chapter 561 Pulling A Tooth From A Tiger's Mouth

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The two women were in a stalemate. Cassandra could not decide whether or not she should tell Amanda the truth.

Could she honestly say that Clark might have kidnapped her younger sister?

If she did, Amanda would know that she was coming to investigate. Would she stand by her?

Looking at Cassandra who was standing in front of her, Amanda didn't feel easy either. Why had Cassandra come here asking for Clark at this hour? Didn't that sound like she intentionally come to cause trouble? 'What has Clark done to warrant Cassandra coming to his house to look for him, ' she wondered.

Finally, Cassandra gave in because she thought maybe nobody except Amanda could help her find Cloris.

At home, Edith was still waiting in anxiety. And Cassandra worried about how her mom would feel if things went on like this. For her mom's sake, she decided to tell Amanda the whole truth.

"I agreed to have a talk with Clark Ji today, but when I arrived at the appointed place, I didn't see anybody. I guess his men mistook my younger sister for me and took her away. Now I can't get in contact with any of the two, neither my sister nor Clark Ji. Now I want to ask for your help."

Every word of what she said was a struggle for Cassandra. Wasn't it ironic that she would ask Amanda to help her?

However, for the sake of her own younger sister, she had no other choice.

As soon as she heard what Cassandra said, Amanda's heart sunk.

More clearly than anyone else, she knew what kind of person Clark was. Now that he intentionally refused to answer Cassandra's phone call, Amanda guessed he must be planning on something.

However, Amanda too was not on talking terms with Clark, and she was trying to stay away from him as much as possible. No communication whatsoever. Would she contact him for Cassandra's sake?

"You two have made an appointment? What were you going to talk about? Is there anything you have to talk with Clark? The case is being negotiated by the lawyers, isn't it?"

Amanda asked with a frown on her face, weighing Cassandra's words, instead of just giving a straightforward reply.

Gazing at Amanda with sincere eyes, Cassandra took a deep breath before she answered, "I think Clark wants to talk with me about Rufus, while I want to talk with him about you."

There was no need to hide the truth from Amanda, because, perhaps she already knew.

However, she guessed wrong. In fact, Amanda and Clark never spoke on such things. As such, what Cassandra said left the woman confused. For a moment she blankly stared at Cassandra, frozen.

But she was not surprised to hear that Clark wanted to talk to Cassandra about Rufus.

Of course, Rufus had been a burden on Clark's mind for the longest time. He would deal with Rufus sooner or later. It now seemed that he probably wanted to mess with Cassandra, just to get on Rufus's nerves.

'Be that as it may, what's about me that she would want to discuss with Clark?' Amanda wondered. She could not figure out what Cassandra wanted to say to Clark about her.

"Do I need the two of you to talk about anything concerning me?"

Amanda asked with an incredulous smile on her face. 'Is Cassandra pulling my leg?' she wondered.

"I heard the conversat

expectations, the mayor declared Arthur as the spokesperson of entrepreneurs in G City. She had thought it over and over again but still hadn't figured out what had gone wrong in the process.

Now boldly, Clark was admitting that he was culpable of changing the results. Most likely, he had bribed senior city officials.

At the shock of it, Amanda shuddered, unable to understand Clark and the motivation for his actions all the time.

It seemed odd that he hadn't thought of moving the headquarters of Dark Night Group, while he had been spending so much of his time and energy here. 'Could he be planning to take a big move in G City?' she thought.

Hearing no response from Amanda, Clark knew that she must have been stunned by the information he had just disclosed. With a sense of glee, he looked even more proud of himself.

Standing up, he slowly walked towards Cloris, who was glaring at him with burning eyes. She harbored murderous thoughts toward him.

"Amanda, I find Cassandra and her younger sister so much alike, especially their eyes. They share a certain stubborn expression that's so alluring. Could that be the reason Rufus Luo was so enchanted that he abandoned you?"

Clark sneered in a sarcastic tone, provoking Amanda intentionally.

Hearing what he said, Amanda gritted her teeth tightly. A haze flashed across her eyes.

She knew that Clark must have some dirty tricks in his mind at the moment.

"Then what do you want to do with her?"

Amanda asked, trying to spy on his plan. It felt like she was pulling a tooth from a tiger's mouth.

"What do I want to do? Aha...Don't you know my aim? For the time being, Rufus is abroad. And it's much easier for me to deal with Cassandra while she is alone. Right?"

As Clark grinned, his white teeth showed up, with a bone-chilling look on his face.

"You want me to take Cassandra to your place?"

Amanda asked when she realized what Clark meant. Instinctively, she tightened her grip on the phone.

"I'll send you the address,"

Clark answered with a smile at the corners of his mouth. 'It seems Amanda is not all that silly and hopeless yet, ' he thought.

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