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   Chapter 560 What Is Clark Up To

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Edith straightened up right away when she heard what Cassandra said.

"You know where she is? Wait, I'm coming with you!"

Edith said to Cassandra, as she was worried about Cloris's safety.

"Mother, no need to come along. There's nothing to worry about. I will bring Cloris back once I find her. You go back home and rest."

Cassandra would not allow Edith to come with her. She herself didn't know what would happen if she went to see Clark. How could she possibly put her mother at risk?

"Where are you going?"

Edith could sense something was wrong about Cassandra. She could tell her daughter was lying based on the look on her face.

"Mother, please stop asking."

While they were talking, they didn't notice that they'd already arrived at the courtyard. Cassandra got off the car first to open the car door for Edith. She intended to get Edith in the house first but Edith didn't seem to be pleased.

"Cassandra, what on earth are you trying to hide from me? Cloris is my daughter. I have the right to know the truth."

Edith felt uneasy as she knew something was wrong so she refused to get off the car.

"My dear mother, don't overthink this, okay?"

Cassandra reassured her. She quickly came up with an excuse to hurry off, "It's just… I know where she is. When we were kids, she always went to this one place whenever she and I fought. She's mad at me now, I know, because I didn't want her to go into the entertainment industry. So, don't worry aobut it, okay? Just let me go so I can talk to her."

Cassandra just made this up but she wasn't sure if it was convincing enough.

As expected, Edith still looked at her with unease.

"What place is this?"

Cassandra didn't answer the question. She stood outside and Edith stayed inside the car—neither of them wanted to give in.

Suddenly, the door to the villa swung open shedding light onto them. Nancy walked out of the house and she seemed to be heading their way.

"What's happening, Edith? What are you doing here? Why don't you want to come inside?"

Nancy asked because she could hear their argument from the inside of the villa.

While she still wasn't happy about Cassandra hiding things from her, Edith didn't have a choice but to get off the car because she didn't want to lose face in front of Nancy.

Cassandra sighed in relief. If it weren't for Nancy, she wouldn't know what to tell Edith.

"Mother, no need to wait for me tonight. Have some rest."

Cassandra shut the door for Edith and quickly went to the other side of the car.

you looking for him?"

Amanda didn't expect that it was Clark she was looking for. After all, she'd just finished her negotiations with her lawyer. 'Doesn't she feel awkward? Coming here to my house?' she thought to herself.

Amanda still felt a bit guilty with what she'd done to Cassandra. She raised her chin to hide her shame.

Cassandra didn't want to speak with Amanda, but she had to know where Clark was.

"I called him, but he didn't answer. Can you contact him for me? I have to talk to him. It's urgent."

Cassandra couldn't hide her anxiety anymore.

Amanda raised her eyebrows. She was surprised.

'Since when did they start talking to each other? I didn't know that!' she thought to herself.

"I can help you contact him, on the condition that you tell me why you're looking for him first."

Amanda didn't want to talk to Clark at all. If she had a choice, she wouldn't ever see him again but she wanted to know what was going on between him and Cassandra.

Cassandra hesitated, 'Is it appropriate to tell her what's going on? I'm just guessing, after all. I'm not even sure yet.

But Amanda's the only one who can help me find him.'

"I think my sister Cloris is with him. My mother needs to talk to Cloris so she asked me to look for her."

Cassandra chose her words very carefully so that she was narrating what happened in the simplest way possible.

This only confused Amanda even more. 'Since when did Cloris start talking to Clark? What is he up to?'

"You said they just might be together. You're not sure either. What are you planning to do when you find him?"

Amanda asked in a suspicious tone. She wasn't going to help Cassandra that easily.

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