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   Chapter 559 Cloris Disappeared

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Garden Villa was almost deserted. The man took a look around him. Reassured that no one was watching him, he picked Cloris up, put her into the back seat of his car and quickly drove off.

The Garden Villa remained silent and inactive, as if nothing had happened. A moment later, a figure manifested itself at some distance.

The woman wore a dark dress and walked elegantly. It was none other than Cassandra, who had come to meet Clark.

She had reached where he had asked her to come, but there was no one around. Clark should've been there to pick her up, but she found herself all alone. She wondered what was keeping him.

She waited a few minutes but her patience ebbed away in no time.

Initially, she really wasn't interested in meeting him personally, but it was due to his personal invitation and insistence that she finally agreed to talk to him in private.

It turned out he didn't intend to keep his promise, and that infuriated Cassandra.

of familiarity but she couldn't tell exactly what was it that was coming to her.

Could it be that Cloris was taken away in that car?

The idea shocked Cassandra. If what she suspected was true, then it was possible that her sister had been kidnapped!

'What should I do?' Cassandra questioned herself desperately.

She too was at a loss, feeling completely puzzled like her mother. Cloris was missing and there was no clear explanation of how that had happened. She couldn't simply jump to conclusions and think that she was kidnapped. The thoughts came to her in waves, pushing her into some kind of maze that it was impossible to come out of.

When the two of them came out from the guard house and walked back to their own house, they walked on the path where Cloris had disappeared from. Suddenly, Cassandra was reminded of something.

'Isn't this the place I agreed to meet Clark at?' she thought in excitement.

"Mom, I know where Cloris is!"

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