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   Chapter 557 Cloris's Dream Of Being A Star (Part Two)

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"The age difference between you and Cloris is only two years. And she is not as sensible or considerate as you were two years ago!"

Edith complained. Anger was showed on her face. She was mad at Cloris.

Only a few days ago Cloris had resisted the idea of studying abroad. It took them time to convince her. And now, here she was, insisting on jumping into the entertainment industry, at the expense of school. How would they disabuse her of the illusion of glamour? Did she seriously believe that showbiz was all about fame and a quick buck like it was always portrayed on the news.

"Mom, you can choose to look at it from the bright side. It is better of her to freely speak to us about what she is thinking, isn't it? It's far better than letting her keep everything to herself, without anyone to talk to."

A smile formed on Cassandra's face. In an assistant, she seemed to have changed her mind about Clrois and her otherwise whimsical ways.

"Yeah, it's good to have her ambitions in life. That's perfectly okay. What's not okay is the attitude she adds to it,"

Edith sighed, shaking her head helplessly. Her youngest daughter was a hard nut that needed extra grace to deal with.

"It doesn't matter. Eventually, everybody must grow up. I believe she will understand things as time goes by!"

Holding on Edith's shoulder with one arm, Cassandra led her to the guest bedroom.

"Mom, have a good night. Tomorrow the house-help will be here. You have to decide whether or not she is competent. If you like her, we may let her work here. If you don't like her, I will find someone else for the job. Okay?"

To distract Edith from fretting about Cloris, Cassandra shifted the topic of conversation. Otherwise, she knew her mom would go on talking endlessly about Cloris, which would only dampen everyone's moods.

"Okay. What time will she come?"

Edith asked curiously. She was quite interested in cooking. It was said that the com

k home in time because of something unexpected, but she had never done that without telling her family on the phone.

Right now, from the way Edith furrowed her brow into a knot, you could tell that she was distraught.

"Don't worry. I'm going out to look for her,"

Cassandra said. The thought of just sitting there and waiting for Cloris was unbearable. She stood up, intending to go out. However, she was stopped by Edith, who stretched her hand to grasp hers.

"Where do you want to go? You don't even know where she is!"

At this odd hour, close to midnight, pitch darkness warped itself around everything outside. It was far too risky for Edith to let Cassandra go anywhere.

"I'm going to check at some of the karaoke places. I guess probably they could be having a party at one of those,"

Cassandra said. The fact that her younger sister liked singing told her it was very likely she was with friends at a karaoke.

"But there are so many karaokes in the city. It would take you the whole night searching from one karaoke to another!"

Edith still disagreed to let her go out, no matter how much Cassandra tried to persuade her.

All of a sudden, Edith's cellphone rang. Hastily, she grasped the cellphone with her hand and had a look at the screen. It was Cloris calling!

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