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   Chapter 556 Cloris's Dream Of Being A Star (Part One)

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"Cassandra, you're wise. There's something I think I have to talk to you about in private."

A glimmer of emotions flashed across Clark's eyes, an obscure smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

"Would you mind talking about it some other day? I don't think it is a good timing now. I'm coming to have dinner together with my family,"

Cassandra said, taking a look in the direction of the table her mother and her younger sister were sitting at. She was not in the mood to talk with Clark about anything for the time being. Besides, she had no interest in what Clark wanted to speak about.

If she guessed correctly, he wanted to tell her to persuade Rufus to show him some respect. As always, Clark was a bossy character who wished that everyone could lick his boots. And he used every opportunity to flaunt his high status. He was an arrogant, narcissistic jerk who thought the sun came up just to hear him crow. But Rufus would have none of his snobbery. Frustrated, he hated Rufus with a passion.

"Then tell me when you could take time off. I will have someone pick you up so that we can have a talk."

Seeing that Cassandra didn't refuse his request to have a talk directly, Clark's smile spread, the corners of his lips curving too.

"How about the day after tomorrow? You may come to Garden Villa in the evening the day after tomorrow. I will tell you the place then,"

Cassandra said. Without further ado, she walked ahead, pushed open the door of the restaurant and went inside.

Indeed she wanted to have a talk with Clark, but she wasn't going to talk with him about Rufus.

In particular, Cassandra felt worried about Amanda. As a woman, she could empathize with her. Now, she hoped she could tell Clark in private, to treat that woman better.

After all, she didn't hate Amanda that much. It was Amanda who had been willing to withdraw the lawsuit against her, while Clark was determined to sink her in the predicament.

As she walked back to their table, Edith, watching her,

hat she wanted to do with her life. Entertainment was just one of the many random things she fantasized about. But she needed guidance along the way as she planned the career path she would take.

Previously, Cassandra had planned to let Cloris take over Qin Group in place of her when she graduated. However, Qin Group had collapsed. At the same time, Cloris was too young and unstable for such a role. Thinking about her younger sister's future was a headache.

After dinner, Cassandra drove Edith and Cloris back home. Along the way, Edith and Cassandra chatted casually, while Cloris kept silent in the backseat. Obviously, she was still fuming in a rage.

When they arrived home, she got out of the car in a huff and directly went back to her bedroom. She didn't say a word or give a hint to her mother or elder sister. It seemed that she was determined to launch a cold war until her whims were granted.

"Look at how she's behaving! Wasn't she all right until we spoke about her career choice? How come she changed all of a sudden today?"

Edith said. Like Cassandra, she too was cheesed off too by Cloris's sudden angry outburst.

"Maybe it is because she is still young. It would take time for her to grow up slowly,"

Cassandra tried to console her mother. On medical grounds, she didn't want anything to upset her mom.

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