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   Chapter 555 A Call From Lyndsy

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Under Rufus's intent gaze, Cassandra felt her face begin to heat up.

She knew very well what the emotion in his eyes was, but she was too shy to give him a response.

"Aunt Edith, I'll go now."

Reluctantly, he stopped gazing at Cassandra and bid farewell to them.

Seeing him off, Cassandra was equally reluctant to part, but she put on a bold face, showing no sign of her inner wishes.

The farewell was too fast and too abrupt as the car zoomed off and disappeared into the distance, leaving Cassandra with a heavy heart.

But she had to be strong for her mom. Turning around, she declared, "Mom, let me take you guys out to eat."

As she spoke, she forced a smile although she knew that her mom could see through her. Everyone was tired today and she guessed that cooking dinner here wouldn't be a good idea.

As Cassandra guessed, both Edith and Cloris were too tired to cook a meal, so she drove them to a famous restaurant serving Chinese cuisines for dinner.

They enjoyed their dinner while happily chatting. Gradually, Cassandra forgot about the wistfulness she had in her heart for Rufus.

However, her joy didn't last long. Her mood was dampened when her eyes met someone she really hated to see.

"Aunt Edith, it's such a coincidence!" the familiar voice exclaimed.

With a surprised expression, Clark approached their table.

Dazed by his unexpected and unwelcome presence, Cassandra felt her muscles twitch with tension. 'Heck! Why is this creep here?' she cursed.

Lifting her head, Edith took a single glance at him and felt queasy. 'Wasn't Amanda, his wife, the source of some of our worries? For heaven's sake, that wicked woman sued Cassandra on flimsy charges. Did he expect us to celebrate his arrival here?' Edith thought.

But then she remembered that Amanda could have acted in defiance of Clark. Moreover, Clark had been kind to her and Cassandra, even offering help wherever he could, especially during her sickness. Hence, Edith felt that she would be too ungrateful if she talked to him coldly.

"Right, it's such a coincidence. Is there anyone with you?"

Edith didn't stand up but looked behind Clark.

It worried her that Amanda might have been with Clark. If she was also here, it would just be unwise to have him come to their table.

"Yes, I come with one of my friends."

Clark smiled and shrugged, to indicate that Amanda didn't come with him.

Of course he knew what Edith was thinking. When she eventually saw that it was indeed a man standing behind Clark, she felt relieved.

"Aunt Edith, I've reserved a table upstairs. I'll go and order my food now. Enjoy your dinner!"

Politely, he excused himself and left with his friend. After he left, Cassandra let out a deep sigh, looking her mom and sister in the eye, to see if they shared the same concern.

Watching Cassandra's restlessness, Cloris furrowed her eyebrows.

"To be honest, Clark has always given me an uncomfortable feeling," remarked Cloris.

The smirk on Clark's face reminded her of Arthur's dumb smile, which spooked her every time she thought about it.

That smile seemed warm and gentle. But who knew whether there was a dagger in that smile? Who knew what the

over, I will definitely come back. By then, don't be too envious of my looks,"

Lyndsy chuckled. From the background, Cassandra heard someone else talking at Lyndsy's side.

"Cassandra, I've still got something on. Let's end here now. I'll call you sometime later."

With that, Lyndsy hung up the call. But Cassandra still held her phone to her ear, stunned to have finally got in touch with her long lost friend.

That Lyndsy's scars could be treated was the best news that she had heard recently!

Breathing in deeply, even the air felt and smelled so fragrant and delightful.

Turning around, she had just started to walk back to the restaurant when someone called her from behind.


It was Clark. The unexpected sound of him made Cassandra stop abruptly.

'Why is this man always following me like a shadow? Will he ever stop stalking me?' Cassandra thought.

"There's something that I want us to talk about, Cassandra,"

Clark continued when he saw that Cassandra didn't turn back when he first called her.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she mustered all her strength, turned back and made sure that she sounded confident and contemptuous.

"Mr. Ji, is there anything I can help you with?"

She was still courteous and addressed him using his surname, complete with the title—Mr., just like she always did.

"Cassandra, I believe you should know by now that Rufus is a member of the Dark Night Group."

Clark's gaze were fixed at Cassandra's face, some light flashing across his eyes.

Since Rufus and Cassandra were already engaged, Clark believed that Rufus would have told Cassandra about his true identity, even if the Dark Night Group was a clandestine group that people feared to talked about, even in hushed voices.

"Yes, I know. I also know that you are his boss."

Cassandra shot her eyebrows up, calculating what Clark was trying to do.

All of Clark's wickedness towards Amanda was still fresh on Cassandra's memory. Only the devil would treat his wife as badly as Clark had done. Utterly unbelievable! It was hard to imagine what a heartless man like Clark would do next.

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