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   Chapter 554 Understanding From The Family

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9001

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Cassandra took two steps backwards instinctively, carefully studying the man.

"What are you doing?" she asked in a shaky voice, her terror showing with every syllable.

Looking into those lustful eyes of his, she wished Rufus could vanish into thin air right now.

"You've learnt to threaten me like that? Who taught you, uh?" Rufus said in a playful tone, approaching her slowly.

Cassandra's heart started to race up.

"Rufus, you... you can't back out. A gentleman should never break his words!" she said nervously.

She kept stepping back.

"Is that so? What did I say? How come I don't remember anything?" Rufus responded, his lips curving into an evil smile.

He couldn't care less about Cassandra's accusation.

"Rufus, you're a jerk!"

Cassandra stomped her feet in anger, watching Rufus moving closer to her.

Suddenly her leg pressed against the side rail of the bed, and she lost her balance, slumping onto the cozy mattress.

Bending over, he rested his hands on the bed leaving her nowhere to escape. Slowly, he moved closer and closer to her until his nose was about to touch hers.

"Are you seducing me? It works well."

Rufus broke into a big, wicked smile, as if the nervous look on her face was turning him on.

Helplessly, she looked at him, aware of what he was up to.

"Rufus, you can't be so shameless. You just promised that you wouldn't force me to sleep with you," Cassandra grumbled, pouting her mouth.

But Rufus found it hard to take his eyes off her luscious lips.

"I was out of options. It's your fault. You shouldn't have locked me out," he retorted.

'She even blamed me for backing out. She was the one who tricked me first, ' he thought, amused by her cute response.

"So what? Anyway, once you made the promise, you should keep it," Cassandra said with a disgruntled look, her face turning red.

With every gesture she made, Rufus only found her increasingly seductive, so much that he couldn't wait to pounce on her.

"Sweetie, just resign to your fate. Do you think you can make me change my mind?" he gloated triumphantly.

"Don't challenge me like this again, okay?" he added.

"Humph!" Cassandra turned her head away.

This time, She knew that she couldn't get away, but she still gave a snort to show that she was unhappy with his peremptory actions.

"Got a problem with that?" Rufus teased.

'Did she just look away to protest? Still, there's no way I'll let her run away tonight!' he thought.

"I... I need to take a shower," Cassandra said, still trying to break free from his arms, spread on either side of her.

The lame excuse made Rufus chuckle.

"Sure. Then I will join you in the sho

r already got a ticket for me. I have to leave for the airport right now," Rufus said, arching his eyebrows.

He stared at Cassandra with worry in his eyes.

"What? This is too soon honey. Is it that urgent?"

asked Cassandra, mouth agape in surprise.

Little had she expected that Rufus would leave in such a hurry. She thought that was odd.

"Once I get there I'll make sure I take the shortest time possible to put things in order. By any means, I have to be back here soonest. Anyway, I also have to tell Auntie about this."

With that, he rushed out of the bedroom and came down hastily.

"Auntie, something has come up at the headquarters of TY Group and I urgently need to go sort out some issues. I'll be back in a couple of days. If anything happens, call me or Victor."

As he spoke, there was an unmistakable tinge of guilt on his face.

"It's fine Rufus. You go attend to your business first. Don't worry about us," Edith said softly.

She was a sensible woman.

"Initially, I planned to take you out for dinner tonight to celebrate your moving in. But now I have to delay it. I will make it up when I'm back," Rufus said, shifting his eyes from Edith to Cassandra.

In truth, he felt really sorry for calling off their dinner. Even if Edith understood, it didn't sit well with him to leave so soon.

"Rufus, don't forget what you said when you come back. At that time, you must invite us to an upscale restaurant,"

Cloris chipped in jokingly, grinning from ear to ear.

Unconsciously, the corners of his mouth lifted with his sister-in-law's infectious smile. 'It feels so good to be understood by the family, ' he thought.

"Deal!" he said to Cloris.

He then turned around and stole a glance at Cassandra with a mischievous look in his eyes.

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