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   Chapter 553 How Dare You

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"Mom, get some rest. Good night."

Cassandra smiled at Edith and walked out of the room. The moment she closed the door behind her, the smile on her face quickly transformed into a worried frown.

When she retreated to her room she found Rufus sprawling across the bed, reading her diary gleefully.

Cassandra caught a glimpse of the man but she didn't say anything. Heaving a sigh, she went straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

All the while, Rufus thought that Cassandra would dash at him to take away the diary from him. However, much to his surprise, she ignored him which could only mean that something was bothering her.

Taken by curiosity, Rufus put the diary down and went to the bathroom to see what was going on.

Cassandra was mindlessly brushing her teeth and when Rufus looked at her reflection on the mirror, there seemed to be no trace of life in her eyes.

Rufus slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. Suddenly, Cassandra's body shook up as if she had just woken up from a dream.

"Cassandra, what's wrong?"

asked Rufus.

After rinsing her mouth, she stood there irresolute. She paused, as if to think and then said, "Rufus, now that Clark isn't our neighbor anymore I want my mom to stay with us in Garden Villa. Cloris is worried about her and she doesn't want her to live by herself. Just now Cloris told me that she wanted to take care of her and give up studying abroad."

Cassandra could never willingly allow Cloris to make such a big sacrifice. After all, as the elder sister there was a lot of responsibility on her shoulders.

Rufus fell into an uncomfortable silence, lost in deep thought.

Not too long ago, Rufus found tapping devices in the main lobby of Edith's house which were secretly installed by Clark. Since then, Rufus had made sure to be extra attentive about such things. Every time he came here, he would carefully inspect the entire house to ensure that they weren't being spied on.

Fortunately, even though every time he readily expected to find something, he no longer found anything suspicious that could lead him to believe that Clark was still spying on them. After a while, he assumed that Clark had given up.

Perhaps the recent lawsuit had diverted all his attention and so he had no time on his hands to keep pursuing his dubious activities.

However, since the lawsuit didn't work out the way Clark would have wanted, Rufus expected him to retaliate soon with a new devious scheme.

As for Garden Villa... Rufus was almost certain that Clark had his people regularly keep an eye on that place. He had observed that there were several monitors installed around Clark's mansion, save for any other plans Clark might had.

Needless to say, Rufus wasn't going to just sit around and wait for Clark to make a move, so he installed even more cameras.

But Rufus knew that monitoring each other wouldn't be the end of it. Clark wasn't the type of man to trust anyone and his main

assandra was just provoking him. She knew that as a proud man, sleeping in the guest room or the lobby was definitely not an option for Rufus. How could he stand the shame of being discovered by Edith or Cloris!

Closing his eyes and taking a few deep breaths, the man suppressed the fire in his heart and told himself to keep calm.

'It's okay, it's okay. She is just teasing me. I am going to do whatever she wants me to for now. Anyway, I'm sure Cloris and Aunt Edith are asleep. I don't have to worry about them!' he thought.

Gathering his composure, Rufus opened his eyes and made himself sound as sincere and gentle as he possibly could.

"Cassandra, I was wrong. I truly feel that I was wrong to force myself on you. I shouldn't have done that. I should have apologized to you earlier. But I do feel sorry. I was too domineering. I wasn't thinking straight! Please, accept my apology. I won't force you in any matter in the future. You have my word!"

Cassandra was impressed and partially surprised to hear such a lengthy apology from Rufus, who had never done such a thing before.

"Wow, Rufus, it's hard to believe that you could even utter such words from your mouth!"

Cassandra looked at the door, her eyes opening wide in shock, as if her vision could penetrate the wood. She thought of his helpless face frowning with sadness and decided that she had tortured him enough.

"I've already apologized. Wasn't that sincere enough? Please open the door."

Rufus kept his voice low, while his face cracked into an evil smirk.

'Oh sweetheart, do you really think you have won?'

Just as she had promised, Cassandra unlocked the door for Rufus.

When he heard the sound of the door-knob twisting open, Rufus quickly pushed the door open and sprang into the room as if he were a leopard. He closed the door behind him and locked it again.

"Darling, you have been very naughty! How dare you!"

Rufus enunciated his words slowly, squinting his eyes at the little woman.

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