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   Chapter 552 A Family Photo (Part Two)

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"Mom, rest your heart at ease. It's just that Cloris lost her head for a moment. There's nothing serious about it. I will send her back to school when it's time,"

cutting a serious look on her face, Cassandra reassured her mother at the door to the bedroom.

"True, I know Cloris is for my good, but she is not being fair to herself. And sometimes, she tends to lean more on impulse!"

Edith said, frowning. Needless to say, she was stressed out.

"You'd better not think too much. Have a peaceful night and let me talk to Cloris at length,"

said Cassandra with a smile. She opened the door and led her mom into the bedroom.

The first thing to meet Casandra's eyes caught her attention.

It was a photo frame, placed carefully by the side of Edith's bed. All the time Cassandra was persuading Cloris, their mother must have been up looking at that photo, and only placed it down before coming downstairs a little while ago.

Walking into the bedroom slowly, Cassandra reached out to the photo frame.

Neatly framed was their family photo of four that had been taken when Cassandra came back home from the town.

At the time the photo was taken, both Vernon and Edith had been very young, while Cassandra and Cloris were still innocent kids.

Side by side Vernon and Edith sat on chairs, while Cloris and Cassandra stood by the sides. They wore a faint, picture-perfect smile, an indication of their leisurely and comfortable life those days.

Along the way, things had changed so much, and now Vernon was in prison. Putting two and two together, Cassandra knew her mom must be missing her husband.

Just the thought of it brought Cassandra close to tears, but she had to restrain herself from crying in front of her already delicate mom.

. All those ugly words and savage actions made Cassandra sick. With passions, she hated his way of approaching issues. Deep inside, her heart did bleed for Amanda.

To outsiders who didn't know how wicked Clark was, Amanda had been lucky to marry such a fine man. However, nobody knew the pain and horror that she silently was going through. And it broke Cassandra's heart that nobody knew about Amanda's nightmares.

Even with all of her difficult circumstances, including her father's incarceration, Cassandra was still in a far better place than Amanda. Praying and hoping for her father's release, she couldn't help but feel grateful, counting her blessings.

Moreover, based on the conversation between Clark and Amanda, Cassandra could roughly figure out that the reason why Amanda had withdrawn the lawsuit was partly because of Rufus. The idea of having Rufus expelled from Dark Night Group didn't seat well with Amanda; by all means, she wanted to prevent that from happening.

Amanda had once been in love with Rufus, and although it was long ago, she still had a soft spot for him. That partly explained why she had withdrawn the lawsuit—on account of Rufus.

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