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   Chapter 551 A Family Photo (Part One)

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"First of all, you should finish school. Don't consider coming back until you graduate. Don't worry about Mom. I will take good care of her,"

standing up, Cassandra said decidedly in a tone to which her younger sister couldn't object.

No matter how hard Cloris tried to persuade her, Cassandra would not agree. In her opinion, study was the most important for Cloris at the time being.

"Are you sure you will take good care of her? As you can see, Mom is in not in good health, while you have a lot on your plate already. How will you be able to care for Mom?"

Cloris asked, running out of patience. There was no doubt she was frustrated at her elder sister's obstinacy.

"I've bought another house in G City. Mom will move in with me as soon as the decoration is done. Then it will be more convenient for me to take care of her."

Indeed, Cassandra had been quite busy lately, such that she had gone for days without coming home to check on Edith. But it was all due to the decoration of the said house.

"If you want to live together with her, why don't you live at Garden Villa? Why did you have to buy another house?"

Cloris asked in confusion. She could not understand her elder sister's choice. In all honesty, she thought Garden Villa was an existing place to live.

Cassandra was speechless at her younger sister's questions. How could she tell Cloris that Clark had lived next door to them in Garden Villa, and she couldn't live there for her mother's safety.

Seeing how Cassandra was engrossed in thoughts, Cloris moved closer and stared at her with earnest eyes.

"Cassandra, I admit that I've made many mistakes in the past, but I'm sure that I will get it right this time. I can no longer leave Mom. No matter what, I will stay by her side,"

Cloris said in a particularly steadfast tone, her face showing deter

perfunctorily in order to prevent her from coming back and would not really do what she said.

"Of course! I'm quite sure."

With a smile, Cassandra shifted her gaze form Cloris to Edith then back to Cloris again, trying to assure both of them.

Sensing that Cloris looked undecided for a moment, Cassandra seized the chance to continue, "You're afraid that nobody would take care of Mom, right? I will hire an excellent nurse to attend to all her needs during the day, and I will come back home to be with her every night. It's an easy thing for me, just a matter of restructuring my work to cut out any business beyond office hours. Isn't that okay with your?"

With a more detailed plan, Cassandra tried to make Cloris give up her previous idea.

"Then... I...I will rethink about it,"

Cloris stammered. She hadn't changed her mind yet, but fortunately she was no longer as determined as before.

"All right. Mom, Cloris will be certainly going back to school. You need not worry about that. I'm accompanying you to go back to your room!"

Cassandra said in haste, eager to bring the discussion to an end, lest Cloris changed her mind again. She stretched her hands to turn Edith around and led the way upstairs.

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