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   Chapter 550 I Don't Want To Study Abroad

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Rufus's words reminded Cassandra. 'We're going to get married, but I haven't talked to Mom about this yet, ' she thought, biting her lower lip.

Rufus walked over to comfort Cassandra, having sensed her unease over how to mention their wedding to her mother.

"Don't worry about it too much. I can talk to Auntie about our plan of getting married,"

Rufus smiled confidently.

"I wasn't worried about that. I just miss my dad..." Cassandra muttered, seemingly dispirited.

She couldn't help but feel sorry for Vernon, especially since everything else in her life was going so well.

'Dad is still in prison and I don't even know when he will be released. Without him, our family will always feel incomplete.

Like every other daughter in the world, I always imagined my father would walk me down the aisle at my wedding. It wouldn't be perfect without him. But I know that's not going to happen now, ' she thought.

Rufus took note of the disappointment in her eyes.

He understood how Cassandra felt. 'She loves her family and always wished they could live happily together. I guess it's understandable that she wants her parents and sister to be there on the day of her wedding. But there's nothing we can do to change the fact that Vernon will not be able to be there that day.'

"After we tell Auntie our decision, we can visit Uncle and share the good news with him. I think he will feel happy for us," said Rufus, trying to sound positive and supportive.

He wanted her to be strong and positive.

Cassandra, however, lowered her head in silence and focused on cooking.

Soon, the two of them set the table, lining up the plates and dishes daintily on the table. Cloris took Edith by the hand and seated her on the chair before sitting next to her. She was awed by the delicacies on the table, capable of making one's mouth water.

"Sis, Mom is a great cook, you must have inherited her skills too because this looks amazing. I don't even know how to cook," Cloris said with a grin.

She then turned to look at Edith, pouting her lips and acting all mad.

"Mom, you can't just favor Cassandra. It's not fair. You must teach me how to cook when you are free." She feigned outrage and hurt feelings.

Cloris knew how to make Edith happy and that was why her mother was very fond of her. Her words lit up Edith's mood instantly.

"Oh sweetheart, I never taught Cassandra how to cook. She learned it on her own. I am sure you would be a good cook too, if you give it a shot," Edith responded with a beaming smile.

She was quite satisfied with the dishes Cassandra made.

Rufus came back from the kitchen with four glasses and a bottle of wine. As Cassandra took a seat, he poured some wine for the three women and himself.

"Auntie, Cassandra and I have something to tell you. We've decided to get married in the fall. I hope you will give us your blessings and fix a date for us,"

Rufus spoke freely with a smile on his face as he sat down next to Cassandra.


m going take a shower. You girls continue. I'll catch up with you later."

He put his coat on the hanger and went upstairs to give Cloris and Cassandra some privacy.

After Rufus was out of sight, Cloris walked over to Cassandra and seated her on the couch.

"What is it? Why are you being so mysterious?"

Cassandra looked at her curiously.

"Sis, I don't want to study abroad. I've made up my mind. I will look for a job after I graduate," Cloris replied in a low voice.

She saw the shock register on Cassandra's face before she could hide it.

"No way. You've finally got such a good opportunity. You can't waste it. Not everyone in your school has the opportunity to study abroad like you!" Cassandra opposed without a second thought.

'Before she goes back to school, I will prepare all the necessary papers for her so that she can continue her studies abroad.'

"But I really don't want to go abroad. I want to stay here with you and Mom. You saw how upset mom was during dinner. Dad isn't around to keep her company, and soon you'll need to take care of your own things. She'll feel lonely. I don't want to see her live in this empty house all by herself!" Cloris blurted out her real thoughts.

It seemed as though she had grown up a lot in a short time. Cassandra was moved by her words, but she still didn't agree with her.

"Look, I have been abroad too, remember. You can learn many different things from living abroad. Believe me, studying abroad will be a good experience for you and it will help broaden your horizons. You don't need to worry about your tuition fees. I will take care of that no matter what," Cassandra persuaded.

She assumed that Cloris was worried about the money issues too.

"I just want to spend more time with Mom. I was young and I broke her heart. Now I just want to make it up to her. Why can't you just have my back on this?" Cloris complained.

She had decided to talk Cassandra into supporting her decision before speaking to Edith.

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