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   Chapter 548 Time Would Tell (Part One)

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When Rufus walked into the house, Edith was busy cooking in the kitchen. Every now and then she would observe the degree of heat just to be sure she wasn't over-cooking anything. With a notebook and pen on the side, she'd take notes meticulously as if she were a chemist in a laboratory.

The stirring noise behind caught her attention and she turned around to have a look. As soon as she saw Rufus standing at the door of the kitchen, her face lit up with a bright smile.

"Oh, hello Rufus! I didn't hear you come in. I'm trying out some new dishes for the food program of your company. I want to get familiar with the cooking process at home before showing them in the program. Otherwise, I will lose face on TV if I can't cook them skillfully or they don't taste good."

Rufus took a glance at Edith's notebook and noticed a few thickly dotted characters. It seemed as though she had written down every detail that she thought was necessary to remember.

A pleasant smile played at the corners of his mouth.

"Auntie Edith, you don't need to take this so seriously. That program won't be broadcasted live. If there's any problem, we can always record the relevant part once again,"

Rufus said, hoping to relieve Edith of her worries. He was quite surprised at how carefully and attentively Edith treated the work by taking so many notes.

"I don't want to bother the others by making mistakes. Having to repeat something again would waste so much time and manual labor,"

Edith replied, raising her eyebrows. At the same time, something else came into her mind. She stood on her toes and stretched up high to look behind Rufus. When she couldn't find the person she expected to see behind him, she looked quite puzzled.

"Where's Cassandra? What happened in court? What did the judge decide?"

Edith nervously bombarded him with three questions in succession. She was still worried about Cassandra since she had no idea that the lawsuit had been withdrawn.


ght smile at the corners of her mouth, Cassandra walked towards Edith. She held her hand and tugged at her slowly, trying to persuade her by acting like a spoiled child.

"But this wasn't an ordinary incident. Did Amanda consider your feelings and the possible impact it would have on your life when she filed the lawsuit? She knew you had nothing to do with her losing the baby, but she still made a conscious decision to frame you. Can't you see that even though she failed she had already ruined your reputation?"

Edith was furious. She was disappointed at her daughter for not fighting for her dignity. Stretching her index finger, she tapped at Cassandra's forehead gently.

She shook her head in disbelief, failing to understand Cassandra's reasoning. Ever since Cassandra was a child she had the drive to excel over the others, but how could she not fight for herself in this situation? Of all the people in the world she could have shown mercy to, why did Cassandra have to pick Amanda?

"Mom, a clean hand needs no washing. Now that Amanda Ke withdrew the lawsuit on her own accord, I believe everyone will figure out that she was wrong. I don't think I need to be so aggressive to her. She's already lost. It was good enough for her to admit that she was wrong. I'm satisfied with my clear conscience."

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