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   Chapter 547 Growing Up

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As the car drove into the courtyard of the Qin family, Cassandra saw Cloris squatting down with her back facing them in the yard through the window.

Soon after Rufus parked the car, Cassandra got off and walked over to Cloris. As she was approaching, she saw her sister planting a seedling and handling its roots carefully.

"What are you doing, Cloris?" Cassandra asked curiously, standing right beside her.

Her eyes sparkled with confusion as she observed what her sister was doing.

"I am just planting some trees. I saw the trees and flowers in your yard in Garden Villa, so I decided to grow some plants here," Cloris replied, raising her head to look at Cassandra with a beaming smile.

Cloris's innocent face looked exceedingly stunning under the golden rays of the sun. Her smile was as enchanting as Cassandra's.

"Let's do it together." Cassandra crouched down next to her.

She picked up a small hand shovel and helped bury the seedling's roots with it.

All the while, Rufus shrugged his shoulders at the two girls who were happily planting seedlings.

"You guys carry on with your hard work. Looks like you don't need my help. I guess I'll just have to take care of all the house chores from now on,"

he joked with a smile on his face.

'If it were someone else in Cassandra's shoes, she wouldn't have forgiven Cloris so easily after what she had done.

Cassandra always has a natural inclination of being considerate towards other people. She has a heart of gold. Perhaps that's why so many people are drawn to her. Thanks to her, even her sister has become a better person, ' thought Rufus as he stared at Cassandra dotingly.

"Okay! Why don't you go inside and greet my mother? I'll meet you after I help Cloris finish this," Cassandra responded, as she looked up at Rufus with a smile.

The way she looked at him with eyes as deep as the ocean caused his heart to skip a beat.

Since Cassandra and Cloris had relatively similar body types, it was hard to differentiate them from the back. However, it wasn't a challenging task for Rufus. He could tell them apart immediately without even seeing their faces.

When a person was in love with someone, he could spot the one he loved even in the busiest of places without any trouble. Rufus was no exception.

He could even imagine what she would look like in different moods. Her smile, her tears and her actions could always affect him.

"Fine. I will fill Auntie in on the result of trial," Rufus said.

He decided to lay out the whole case to Edith and talk her into respecting Cassandra's decision, in case she had any disagreements with her daughter.

Cassandra waved at him and winked at him playfully.

"Good luck!"

she grinned impishly, reading his mind.

Rufus shook his head helplessly a

day like you do now. She will be happy only if she sees you living happily. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Cassandra blurted out her own thoughts, hoping Cloris could learn something from what she said.

She had worked so hard that her parents and sister could rely on her.

Cloris's eyes glazed over. All those years of being together, she never talked about these things with Cassandra before. After hearing the latter's words, she realized that her sister was more thoughtful and dutiful than her.

"When will I grow up to be such an amazing person like you?"

Cloris asked with a bit admiration in her tone.

Cassandra withdrew her hands from Cloris's and put her arm around her shoulder. She smiled and patted her little sister gently on the back as a sign of encouragement.

"You've matured a lot too. People grow after going through difficulties in life. You still have a long way to go before you become a grown-up!"

Cassandra was amused by Cloris's question. It felt like she was a little girl who longed to grow up faster. However, she was still too naive to understand that adulthood came with its own set of problems.

If well protected, one might be as carefree and simple as a child.

But if one forced himself to grow up because he had to protect someone else, then life would present a lot of suffering during the process.

Cassandra hoped that she would be able to protect Cloris, so she wouldn't have to pay the heavy price of growing up ever.

"We're almost done here. Let's go inside," Cassandra proposed.

She squatted down to collect the tools before joining Rufus and her mother, along with Cloris.

A cool wind blew in gently from the north, swaying the naked branches of the new lives in the courtyard. Rays of sunlight penetrated the clouds above, shining yellow beams on the dew drops clinging on them.

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