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   Chapter 546 The Scheduled Wedding Day In Autumn

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Everything that had happened to her before suddenly came flashing in her mind like a movie.

Her father raised her all by himself—he fed her, educated her, taught her. She remembered everything as if it were just yesterday.

Amanda expected Charlie to respond differently. However, to her surprise, he only told her to not be afraid.

Did he really sense Amanda's fear because she was his daughter?

Tears filled Amanda's eyes to the brim upon hearing her father's words.

"Dad, I'm all right. Don't worry about me. Go ahead and deal with what you have to deal with. You don't need to come with me,"

Amanda said, trying to hide the emotion in her voice. She didn't want Charlie to know how she was really feeling.

"Amanda, I'm very worried about you. I don't know why you decided to withdraw your lawsuit but I respect whatever decision you choose to make."

Despite being stern usually, Charlie's voice sounded soft and it only distressed Amanda further.

She figured that her father must have figured out something one way or another otherwise he wouldn't be speaking to her like that.

"Dad, thank you, and I love you,"

Amanda tried to relax her voice but she couldn't as tears kept running down her face. She didn't want Charlie to notice anything unusual about her.

Charlie put down his pen when he heard this. A gentle smile appeared on his face.

"Baby girl, I love you too. Don't you ever hesitate to come to me for help, okay? By the way, Clark seems to be very angry. Although, I can't blame him. After all, he's been the one dealing with everything from the start and you withdrew the lawsuit without telling him. Of course, I doubt he'd be okay with that. I think you have to talk to him and you have to be patient with him so you can smooth things out between the two of you. Will you do that?"

Charlie said cautiously. He wanted Amanda to have a happy marriage.

"I will, Dad. I'll talk to Clark. Don't worry about it anymore, okay?"

At the mention of Clark, Amanda felt her chest constricting. She could not be more depressed.

She didn't want Charlie to worry about her anymore and she should be the only one accountable for this whole thing.

After hanging up the phone, Amanda tidied up her clothes. She was about to shower before going to bed when the door burst open. Clark walked into the room, fuming.

"Amanda Ke! What the hell did you say to your father? How come he's stopping me from investigating Rufus?"

Clark was furious after hanging up the phone with Charlie. He knew right away that it must hav

ite her being married to his brother then, he managed to seduce her and she even fell in love with him.

Now when she said she didn't want to push through with the counterclaim anymore, he just agreed with her. He even offered to celebrate New Year with her family.

Cassandra felt warm inside as she thought of all of these.

"We can talk to my mom about the wedding,"

Cassandra blurted out. Rufus was taken aback so that he had to slam on the breaks. They pulled over by the side of the road.

Rufus turned his head to look at Cassandra. He looked surprised like he couldn't believe his own ears—he was way too excited.

"Cassandra, do I need to have my ears checked?"

Rufus asked. He couldn't believe that Cassandra had just mentioned their wedding.

"No, you don't need to have your ears checked! We're already engaged so we should probably talk about the wedding!"

There was a light smile playing on Cassandra's mouth. She thought the look on Rufus's face was hilarious—she rarely saw that look on him.

Rufus's smile grew wider.

"When do you want to have our wedding?"

Rufus asked. He would agree to whichever day Cassandra wanted. He was happy enough, as it was, with the fact that Cassandra had agreed to marry him.

"I want to have our wedding around autumn. What about September?"

Cassandra suggested.

"Up to you! I don't care about the day!"

Rufus said, still smiling. He was ecstatic and it was evident in his eyes.

"All right. Start the car,"

Cassandra said, chuckling.

Rufus started the car engine. He couldn't stop himself from smiling.

Cassandra gazed at the sunlight just outside the car window.

It was as if she could smell spring coming.

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