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   Chapter 546 The Scheduled Wedding Day In Autumn

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Everything that had happened to her before suddenly came flashing in her mind like a movie.

Her father raised her all by himself—he fed her, educated her, taught her. She remembered everything as if it were just yesterday.

Amanda expected Charlie to respond differently. However, to her surprise, he only told her to not be afraid.

Did he really sense Amanda's fear because she was his daughter?

Tears filled Amanda's eyes to the brim upon hearing her father's words.

"Dad, I'm all right. Don't worry about me. Go ahead and deal with what you have to deal with. You don't need to come with me,"

Amanda said, trying to hide the emotion in her voice. She didn't want Charlie to know how she was really feeling.

"Amanda, I'm very worried about you. I don't know why you decided to withdraw your lawsuit but I respect whatever decision you

ably talk about the wedding!"

There was a light smile playing on Cassandra's mouth. She thought the look on Rufus's face was hilarious—she rarely saw that look on him.

Rufus's smile grew wider.

"When do you want to have our wedding?"

Rufus asked. He would agree to whichever day Cassandra wanted. He was happy enough, as it was, with the fact that Cassandra had agreed to marry him.

"I want to have our wedding around autumn. What about September?"

Cassandra suggested.

"Up to you! I don't care about the day!"

Rufus said, still smiling. He was ecstatic and it was evident in his eyes.

"All right. Start the car,"

Cassandra said, chuckling.

Rufus started the car engine. He couldn't stop himself from smiling.

Cassandra gazed at the sunlight just outside the car window.

It was as if she could smell spring coming.

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