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   Chapter 545 Here Comes The Retribution

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All of a sudden, the press turned their attention towards Amanda.

Towering over them from the stairs above, stood Amanda with the elegance of a swan.

"Amanda, why did you decide to withdraw the lawsuit?"

The reporters swarmed around her and started to ask questions, unable to make sense of her actions.

"Cassandra and I had some misunderstandings arising out of conflicting issues. But now that we've managed to resolve our differences, I decided to withdraw the lawsuit,"

Amanda took a deep breath and then answered, with no change in her expression.

"Could you please tell us more about the conflict between you two? And how do you plan to handle this case afterwards?"

The reporters relentlessly pursued the answers.

"All of your questions will be further handled by my lawyer. I am sorry but I am not at liberty to share more information with you."

Amanda was a silver-tongued charmer, who was blessed with the ability of easily hiding the truth from people without batting an eyelid.

Meanwhile, Cassandra, who was watching Amanda being engulfed by journalists and reporters, stood not too far away with feelings of ambivalence deep in her heart.

Despite their differences, Cassandra couldn't help feeling sympathetic and sorry for Amanda because of how Clark treated her.

As a matter of fact, Amanda was not as resplendent as people thought she was. Cassandra never thought that Clark would treat her in such a cruel and merciless way. She tried to imagine how much suffering Amanda had to put up with because of Clark.

Moreover, now that Amanda had chosen to withdraw the lawsuit, only God could tell how much harder Clark would make her life for her.

Cassandra looked at Amanda from a close distance with compassion. Suddenly, Amanda turned and looked at her, as if she could sense Cassandra's gaze from where she was standing.

However, as soon as their eyes met, they both averted each other's gaze.

A heavy feeling of shame made Amanda's heart sink when she saw sympathy in Cassandra's eyes.

At the same time, Cassandra finally caught a hint of helplessness in Amanda's eyes. A rare sight she had never imagined she would see.

Although Amanda looked like a tough woman from the outside, Cassandra could feel her vulnerability and desperation when she saw her surrounded by all the reporters.

The moment Rufus walked out, he was immediately accosted by the press. All of a sudden, chaos ensued and the reporters ran amok in front of the courthouse, hungry for the latest scoop.

Rufus frowned, overwhelmed by the tumultuous welcome as he watched them appear from all directions.

When he noticed both Cassandra and Amanda surrounded by a mob of reporters, Rufus rushed straight to Cassandra without hesitation. A brief grapple ensued, pushing and shoving aplenty all round. Inhaling deeply, Rufus stood guard in front of Cassandra, pushing everyone aside until they were able to get in the car and finally made an exit from the courthouse.

The moment the reporters realized that their prey had escaped, they all turned to the lonesome Amanda, who had no one at her side to protect her.

Amanda felt distraught and u

sip, allowing the rich fragrance and flavor of the wine to rush inside his throat. Satisfied, his dark eyes glittered with malice and his large, hooked nose crinkled into a smirk.

When she looked up at his face and found he had that smirk on, Amanda knew he was fixing to do something crazy.

'What is he trying to say? Is he going to reveal everything I have done to Rufus?'

Clenching her fists in frustration, Amanda couldn't help trembling.

She had carried out some heinous atrocities in the name of love. She had seduced Rufus with drugs, had weaved lies and had Cassandra set up. And now, it was time for her to pay for her sins.

Amanda found difficulty in breathing, replaying the evil things she had done for her own selfish reasons.

Suddenly, her phone rang and she took it out of her bag to have a look. It was her father Charlie calling.

She knew that Charlie was calling to ask her why she had withdrawn the lawsuit. So she eventually decided not to accept the call.

Sooner or later, she would have to face her father, but now was not the time.

Charlie had loved her unconditionally since the day she was born. All her life, Amanda had pretended to be the innocent and kind daughter in front of him, leaving him to believe that she was a good and respectable person. How could she face her father after all of the awful things she had done?

Amanda's heart ached, failing to imagine how Charlie was going to react if he found out about her true self.

Although, her hopes and dreams were already irreparably broken down, she didn't have the courage to break Charlie's heart as well.

Amanda dragged herself to her bedroom. Every step she took, shot up pain from her toes to the rest of her body.

The moment she stepped into her bedroom, her phone rang again. This time, however, Amanda had no choice but to answer it.

"Amanda, are you okay? I'll come find you once I'm done with my work. Don't be scared! Daddy's going to fix everything..."

Amanda broke down into tears on the phone. Charlie was the only person in the entire world who actually cared about her the most.

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