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   Chapter 544 No Counterclaim

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Clark continued when he noticed Amanda starting to hesitate again.

"I don't know how much Cassandra heard about our conversation, but do you really think she'll keep that from Rufus? Don't be so naive. I'm sure she'll tell Rufus everything. Even if you end up taking her side, who's to say that she and Rufus will forgive you?"

Clark said icily.

Amanda panicked at the thought of Amanda overhearing their entire conversation.

Clark could tell by the frown on her face that she was worried.

"Why are you stressing yourself out by worrying about others? You should just mind your own business. Rufus doesn't care about your feelings at all. He's in love with Cassandra, not you. He doesn't think of you or care about you. And since you've messed with Cassandra, he's going to get mad at you for sure. There's no turning back for you. If you work with me, we'll both get what we want," Clark urged.

He raised his hand and glanced at his watch to check the time.

"Think about what I said. We only have ten minutes left and I have to get back to the courtroom now."

As he finished speaking, Clark walked towards the ajar door. After making sure that there was no one passing, he stepped out and nonchalantly walked to the lobby.

He pushed the door of the courtroom open and stepped inside. Before he returned to his seat, he cast a glance at Rufus and saw Cassandra talking to him. He narrowed his eyes and went back to his seat waiting for the court to continue.

Amanda, left alone, crouched to her knees as she pondered.

'What do I do? Should I be selfish or selfless?'

She was the apple of Charlie's eyes. Since she was born, her father did whatever she asked of him. She was a spoiled daughter.

Charlie once made her break up with Rufus for two reasons. First, he thought Rufus wasn't good enough for her. Second, he didn't want Rufus disrupting Amanda's career back then. After all, Amanda was already an accomplished pianist by that time and Rufus hadn't done anything yet.

Amanda, back then, agreed with her father that music was the path that she wanted to choose. But she didn't expect that years later it would come down to this—that she had to choose between her career and the people she loved.

Amanda stretched out her hands and studied them.

Both slender and slim. Each of them look perfect.

'What should you do, Amanda?' she thought.

There were only two minutes left before Amanda had to go back.

She looked composed, and her eyes were red. It was obvious that she had just cried.

Clark had kept his eyes on

from Amanda though. I'd like to find out what the hell she's up to," Rufus said sternly to the lawyer he had hired for Cassandra.

As he spoke to the lawyer, Cassandra made her way to the entrance.

She took her time leaving the building.

As she stood under the sun, Cassandra inhaled the fresh air and the sunlight instantly put her in a better mood.

Even though she had already decided against the counterclaim, Amanda withdrawing the lawsuit was such a big relief to her.

As for Amanda, she felt sorry for her, for having married such an awful man.

Clark had pursued Cassandra before. Now she felt lucky that she dodged that bullet.

Soon, reporters crowded her from left to right much to Cassandra's surprise.

'They certainly look more excited than I did when I first met Lyndsy, ' she thought.

"Can you tell us what happened at the trial, Miss Qin? Are you going to serve time?"

"Miss Qin, I heard that you and Miss Ke aren't exactly on the best terms. I heard that you two didn't get along. Is that true?"

"Miss Qin..."

Reports threw questions at her like spitballs. Cassandra felt her head spinning.

'What's... happening?' she wondered, baffled.

Suddenly, a loud voice came.

"Leave her alone. She didn't do anything. I've withdrawn my lawsuit!"

The reporters recognized Amanda's voice right away. They shifted their focus on her instead.

Amanda calmly looked at Cassandra. The resolve in her eyes made Cassandra's heart skip a beat.

'She just presented herself to the press. Now she's going to get questioned relentlessly, ' Cassandra thought to herself, a bit worried.

As Cassandra had expected, all of the reporters swarmed towards Amanda right away.

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