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   Chapter 542 Withdrawal Of The Case

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Rufus was meticulously washing the grime and dirt off his hands at the sink, with the water hugging his fingers and then trailing into the basin.

In his peripheral vision, he noticed a figure behind him in the mirror. He raised his head to look and recognized the figure was none other than Amanda.

Looking at his damp hands, Rufus reached to the side for some paper towels, all the while acting like he didn't see her.

In the past, he would've reacted violently and furiously, asking her why she would even think of doing this. But things had changed, he just didn't want anything to do with this woman anymore.

Whatever Amanda wanted to do, it was out of his hands.

Whatever sympathy he had left for her dissipated in an instant after what she did to him, to Cassandra. Now, all Rufus felt for her was indifference.


After noticing Rufus had no intention of talking to her, Amanda lost her cool and shouted his name when he walked right by her. Her voice sounded nervous.

Rufus paused, and then briefly glanced at her without so much as a word.

Surely Amanda had felt the chill that emanated from Rufus. Despite this, she still mustered enough courage to speak up.

"Rufus, I didn't mean for it to happen,"

Amanda tried to explain. She wasn't thinking clearly before she carried the deed out. More importantly, she didn't expect that Rufus would get hit by this!

"Is that an apology or a provocation?"

Rufus's eyebrows shot up and he looked at her quizzically.

'What is she trying to pull right before the trial?' he doubted in his mind. 'She's saying that she didn't mean it? If that were true at all, she could have talked to me personally beforehand. Why the hell would she go public about it?

It's not a really serious case after all. Now everybody knows. Did she possibly think she could fix everything by saying she didn't mean for this to happen now?'

"Rufus, I have no control over what's going to happen later today. Things...aren't going the way as I wanted them to."

As she said that, a certain sour note crept up Amanda's nose. She winced, almost crying.

The moment she thought of how Clark had maltreated her, she was engulfed by sorrow.

Clark never had a tiniest bit of respect for her. Ever since the start, everything was by his hand. Amanda wouldn't dare say no.

"Isn't it a bit too late for you to say this? If you truly are sorry, then face the jury in court!"

Rufus didn't want this interaction to be longer than necessary. To him, everything she said sounded like bad excuses. There was zero sincerity in everything she was saying.

It wasn't the first time she attempted such a thing. From past experience, he knew how sly she was.

Amanda opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, Rufus merely waved his hand in annoyance

talk to the litigant first."

The lawyer was at a loss. 'Why would she leave me to deal with this? This was not the plan!' he exclaimed in his heart.

"Please make haste. If you decide to withdraw the case, do submit the application now!" the judge irritatedly replied.

Eyebrows furrowed, the judge glared at Clark and the lawyer. 'Is he joking? Why would they withdraw now?' he thought.

The muscles on Clark's face turned rigid. The next moment, he sprinted out the hall to chase after Amanda. He was fuming like a lion chasing his prey.

The lawyer who was representing Cassandra soon came to discuss with Rufus whether he wanted to counter-sue, meanwhile Cassandra was still dazed.

'What is Amanda trying to pull?

Is she trying to draw pity? Is she trying to weasel her way out of this?' Cassandra thought.

When she saw Clark storm out of the hall looking for Amanda, Cassandra had an idea.

"Rufus, I don't feel comfortable staying here. I'm going out for some fresh air. I'll be back before you know it,"

suppressing her emotions, Cassandra said gently.

Rufus was still listening to his lawyer about the possible implications of this trial as he nodded in assent towards Cassandra.

This was the court, so there wouldn't be any problem if she was gone for a bit.

Cassandra left the hall, and arrived at the corridor. She then walked slowly and listened carefully for voices.

She could vaguely hear a man roar in anger. She then slowly sneaked towards the source of the voice.

Before Amanda could get away from the place, Clark violently seized her by the arm. He dragged her to the hallway where there were no cameras.

While Amanda was still trying to balance herself and simultaneously break away from Clark's strong grip, suddenly a hand found its way on her cheek, leaving a glowing mark.


Soon, Amanda's face swelled.

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