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   Chapter 541 Meet In Court

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Amanda had speculated what Clark was going to do.

"Clark, you promised that you wouldn't touch me when you proposed to me," she shouted, freaked out.

Only she and Clark were in the big villa. If he planned to have sex with her, she couldn't get away. She had gotten pregnant because Clark slept with her. To get rid of the baby, she designed a miscarriage. She didn't want to be pregnant with his child again.

"Oh, is that so? Why can't I remember that? Are you sure we have talked about that?" Clark responded, an evil smile creeping across his face.

"Clark Ji, you son of a bitch!" she cursed.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Terror and panic appeared on her face.

"You're right. I never thought of myself as a good person but compared to you, I'm a saint," he said with a smirk.

He pulled Amanda back to the couch and pressed her against it.

At this point, she was so desperate. She felt the pressure on her arms and she could feel something twisting inside her.

She recalled those days when she was still in love with Rufus. Although he never cared for her much, Rufus had never treated her this way.

The more she compared Clark to Rufus, the deeper the remorse she felt.

'One false move and everything would fall apart. I thought I had been clever the whole time, but I was wrong. I've made so many stupid decisions, ' she thought desperately.

As Clark stared at Amanda, a triumphant smile formed on his lips.

'Rufus, I'll not let you go this time! I'll kick you out of the Dark Night Group. I will let you know how it feels to be a loser!' he thought to himself.

"I've prepared all the papers. Ms. Qin just needs to appear in court that day,"

the lawyer said to Rufus, shuffling the documents.

"I believe you will help my fiancee win the case," Rufus replied, shaking hands with him.

He then left the law firm.

The case actually could have been avoided. After all, Amanda hadn't sustained severe injuries. They could have reached an out-of-court settlement.

However, Amanda was determined to sue Cassandra. There was no way Rufus would watch his beloved woman go to prison. So he hired one of the best lawyers for Cassandra.

When he stepped out of the building, Rufus felt that it was getting warmer. 'Looks like spring is approaching.'

He took a deep breath, hoping that this would all be over soon and Ca

da, you don't look well. Are you okay?" he said with concern on his face.

Amanda knew that he was just acting.

'Clark Ji, you asshole! You put me under house arrest to cut me off from the outside world. You are evil and shameless!' she cursed in her mind.

Amanda started to feel weak when she looked up at the huge building.

"Come on. Let's go inside. We'll win the case. The reporters I've called will interview you later,"

Clark whispered in her ear with a triumphant smile on his face.

Amanda was stunned and surprised. 'He called up reports?

I know I started this but he did finish the job. He was going to use this to turn Rufus against my father for sure.

It's like he just used Cassandra to get Rufus kicked out of the Dark Night Group and I was the one who started all of this, ' she thought to herself.

Clark took Amanda to the entrance. She took her time in entering the building.

When she entered the lobby, she caught a glimpse of a person who was heading towards the end of the hallway.

She stole a glance at the sign and found that the man was going to the restroom. A thought occurred to her suddenly.

"I need to use the lady's room. You can go to the break room and I'll be back soon,"

Amanda said nonchalantly.

Clark just merely glanced at her. In his head, he was busy planning for his victory after so he didn't think much of anything.

"Fine," he replied.

He then headed for the lounge to meet with the lawyers. When she was sure that Clark was gone, Amanda hurried to the restroom where Rufus was also headed.

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