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   Chapter 538 The Sweetest Oath

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After pausing for a short while, Charlie's eyes took on a sheen of focus. It seemed that he had finally made up his mind.

"Clark, I'm leaving all of this in your hands. I am, after all, not the owner of the Dark Night Group. This company will eventually be yours. On a heavier note, you're my son-in-law! Please do your best to protect my daughter!"

Charlie said to Clark with steely determination in his eyes. He patted on the young man's shoulder.

Clark felt relief washing over his tense body, and he could tell that Charlie had already decided to side with him.

"Rest assured, Mr. Ke. I swear I will stop at nothing until she gets the justice she deserves!"

Clark vehemently swore the oath. Charlie sighed, not exactly sure whether he should feel sad or relieved.

"You may go and check if Amanda's okay. I want to be alone for a little while," Charlie said.

He suddenly felt empty. Clark felt this and decided it was the best to leave Charlie alone.

He made his way back to Amanda's ward and pushed the door open.

Amanda pretended to be asleep the moment she heard the door click. She had been staring at the stark white ceiling for almost an hour.

"No need to pretend Amanda, I know you're awake,"

Clark teased, the corners of his mouth widened in a mischievous smile.

'You really think you can hide from me?' he challenged in his mind.

'You set Cassandra up all by yourself, which caused your ex-boyfriend to get into trouble, you must feel devastated right now.'

Amanda didn't even flinch. She refused to even look at Clark.

"Tell you what, Amanda, don't you ever think for one second that you'll ever be fine committing what you did. You set his woman up, and Rufus will be right at your doorstep the moment he catches wind of the truth,"

Clark said to Amanda in a menacing voice. His words were thinly veiled threats.

"Your father yet trusts you at the moment. However, what if he were to find out that his precious little daughter is in fact, not so innocent at all? What if he knew you were a vicious demon?"

Clark lowered his head and whispered to her ear. Every syllable was agony to Amanda.

Noticing that Amanda's eyes were panicked under her eyelids, Clark couldn't help widening his smile.

"Oh, and one more thing, I went to see how Ivy was doing the other day. She might have confessed a few things to me, such did Cassandra lose her baby."

Every single word that came out of Clark's mouth was clear and enunciated. They felt like a hammer blew to her heart.

Her eyes fluttered open, she then t

ery well that Rufus owed a great debt to Charlie. She wondered how exactly he'd handle the underlying conflict.

It was clear that Charlie would stop at nothing to kill her in order to avenge his daughter.

"It's all good today. Nothing to worry about,"

Rufus reassured her. Realizing that Cassandra didn't have any intention of going back upstairs, Rufus bent down and carried her.

Cassandra was dumbfounded. She didn't expect Rufus to carry her like that. She then reached out spontaneously to hug him around the neck for balance.

Rufus couldn't help smiling after hearing her squeal in surprise.

He headed towards the bedroom slowly, with his eyes locked onto her perfect face.

After tucking Cassandra neatly into bed, Rufus caressed her hair one last time and was about to leave.

Suddenly, Cassandra's hand shot out to keep him from going.

"Rufus, promise me that you won't keep anything from me, okay? Or I will always overthink and assume the worst,"

clutching his arm tightly, Cassandra pleaded with sincere eyes.

She didn't want Rufus to hold the truth back for her, especially now.

Rufus turned around after a pause and looked at her. Her eyes were bright and warm, and he could sense her conviction.

"What's done is done. I'll take care of the rest. You don't need to worry about anything."

Rufus got down on one knee and leaned forward closer to Cassandra, their eyes on the same level.

His eyes were getting grimmer as he tried to reassure her, "Cassandra, I trust you. And I want you to trust me as well. I will never let you suffer from this grave injustice."

Looking at his steely determination, Cassandra felt relieved. His words were like the sweetest oath.

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