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   Chapter 536 I Will Avenge You (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5886

Updated: 2019-08-26 00:12

She felt like she was standing naked on a cold winter night, helpless and freezing. The cruelty that came off Clark made her teeth tremble in unexpressed anger and fear.

When she decided to frame Cassandra that night, the only thing on her mind was cracking the woman's body up in pieces. She gave no thought of what would happen to Rufus in its lieu. But now, things were going out of control and she didn't know how to cope even with the idea of what was lined to happen next.

"Hey, there! I think it's better you stay here in the hospital until you're recovered completely. And listen...listen very carefully, you better keep your shitty tricks to yourself,"

Clark said, warning her with venom in his eyes and turned around to leave the ward. He simply couldn't wait anymore. There were many other things that needed to be done in order to ultimately get rid of Rufus. His face had a sadistic fury; his steps brisk, satisfied like a cat that ate the canary.

Amanda was left alone, lying on her back helplessly. She stared at the ceiling with a glassy, unseeing gaze. Her face looked dead, but her head was a horrendous mess.

It was filled with thoughts of one person after another...Cassandra, Rufus, Clark and her own father. She imagined them quarreling and fighting, taking each other by their throats. She imagined death, she imagined blood. Who knows for how long she'd have been torturing herself this way if the trance wasn't broken by the sound of her ward door opening.

It was her father. The very sight of him made her want to burst into tears.

Charlie was getting older day by day. He was no longer as strong as a horse; while Clark was stepping up to the top of the Dark Night Group on his shoulders, crushing Charlie in the proc

n her cheek, wobbled at her chin and dropped into the cup she was holding, creating eddies in the surface of the water.

Charlie was abashed, not knowing how to console her. The last thing he expected was to see tears in his daughter's eyes.

"Don't cry, Amanda! Please don't cry! Everything will be fine and you'll have another baby soon. Trust me, I'll make that woman pay for what she has done to you! I'll destroy her! I promise," he said.

He tried his best to calm her down; it killed him to see his daughter's misery.

Amanda sobbed like a little girl, shaking her head heavily.

She wished she could tell her father she didn't want a revenge on Cassandra, because she didn't want to get Rufus involved, and it would do nobody any good except Clark. All she wanted now was to live a peaceful life. She was too exhausted to hate anyone.

Just then, someone opened the door and a voice came from outside, "Don't be scared, Amanda! Mr. Ke and I will try our best to avenge you! Just wait, and trust us!"

It was Clark who spoke. He walked in and stopped in front of them with indignation, with the same perfect smile that he seemed to carry all the time.

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