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   Chapter 535 I Will Avenge You (Part One)

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Amanda had always been obedient to Clark, mostly because she was bound to fall in with his wishes. It was because of this that he was now sort of angry about what she had said and the expression with which she looked back at him. It almost contained a hint of rebellion.

He wondered where she had gotten this boldness overnight.

Suddenly, he lowered his head and stared right into her eyes. Their faces were so close that Amanda could feel his breath on her skin.

His eyes were cold, sharp like an icy knife, aiming directly at Amanda's delicate face.

"From what standpoint are you talking about these 'needs' with me, huh? You're missing a point here..."

he spoke slowly, laying emphasis on each word. Each word was like a knock on her heavily beating heart.

"I have got no standpoint, Clark! You know that better than me. I am nothing but a marionette, and you're the one who holds the strings! I just did what you asked me to do! To find a proper excuse to abort the baby! After that, just tell me what standpoint do you have to abuse me?"

Amanda hissed through her grinding teeth, trying to stop her voice from trembling.

"Alright, then let's talk about the baby! The baby I referred to never existed, but the baby you lost last night was real. So don't try to confuse the two of them!"

Clark stood straight with an awful-looking face.

"What's happened has happened. It's too late to talk about it now. Fortunately you got what you needed and my trouble is gone too. We're even now!"

said Amanda and turned her head away to avoid eye contact with him.

"Fine. But I warn you not to poke your fingers into the things I plan on doing. And I mean it!"

Clark sneered at her with a warning expression, pointing his finger close to her nose.

"Sorry to say but I ha

et alone treat him fairly!"

Just thinking of Rufus's intractable recalcitrance, Clark ground his teeth in hatred.

"But on what basis will you ask him to leave? He hasn't done anything against the rules!"

Amanda spoke violently, unable to drop her streak of defending Rufus, which inspired nothing but hissing and sneering from Clark.

"He is to blame for his own fate! And he really shouldn't be standing by his woman this time against us! It's like he's asking for it himself!"

One could be turning into a fanatic as his eyes gleamed with a wish for revenge.

"You want to put Cassandra to death, but Rufus will do everything to protect her. It is obvious he won't be on our side! You think I'm stupid enough to still think of him as one of us? Since Chester has invested in Tang Group and it's his father's company, I guarantee he won't stay out of it for long, even though his father was a complete asshole. I will accuse him of colluding with Tang Group against us. There will be no one to stand out and speak for him,"

he spoke in a sort of frenzy, as if he were drugged. The expression sent chills down Amanda's spine. She couldn't stand to stay in the same room with him.

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