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   Chapter 534 Taking What We Need

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Rufus glanced at the desk and then fixed his eyes at Charlie, without batting an eyelid.

"Mr. Ke, please, take it easy! Panicking won't solve anything," he said, lowering his voice.

Despite not having expected Charlie's reaction, he still chose to face him. He was very careful in his words and actions though.

"Rufus, I just want one word from you. Which one do you believe? Me or Her? You decide!"

Charlie's patience was running out and he needed to know what Rufus was thinking. He did not understand why Rufus even trusted that woman completely.

"I only take into consideration my own judgement, Mr. Ke,"

Rufus looked calm as he spoke but his eyes were razor sharp.

He wouldn't act based on someone else's opinion or judgement. He would only follow his own.

And right now, his heart told him that Cassandra wouldn't push Amanda into a pool. His opinion of her had never changed.

"Mr. Ke, I believe you have your own opinion on what kind of person Cassandra is. As to why she closed her own company, I believe you know better than to make those judgments. Just look at what she did after! She sold it and found a new job. Just think about that, Mr. Ke! How could a strong and independent woman like that push Amanda? Out of what? Jealousy? That's ridiculous. Amanda is married to Clark and Cassandra and I are engaged," Rufus explained.

He had wanted to tell Charlie all of this for so long but there never seemed to be a right time. Now that he had the opportunity, he grabbed it and didn't hold back one bit.

Charlie drew a deep breath upon his words and his faced was pale as if he were ill.

Rufus was right. Cassandra was trapped then and it was his fault that she fell into it. But not once did Cassandra blame anyone, she just accepted the defeat.

"What Cassandra will do and what she won't, I know that better than anyone else. And besides, she respects you, Mr. Ke, because I told her that you used to be my mentor when I was still training in the Dark Night Group. So she chose to move on from what you did to her! I think it's wise to point out, Mr. Ke, if she was the type of person to get revenge, why didn't she do that to you?"

Rufus was trying to calm Charlie down but Charlie only seemed to get angrier.

"Right, this is her fighting back! She took her anger out on my daughter!"

Charlie refused to listen no matter what Rufus said. It seemed like he was really angry about Amanda's accident.

Rufus looked at him calmly, but there was a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

"You may not want to hear this, Mr. Ke, but if you refuse to listen then I'll have a team of the best lawyers to defend her," he said.

Rufus had decided that he would fight for Cassandra no matter what.

Neither of them could say a word. Their conversation was going nowhere.

"Rufus, this is your decision, right? Are you really going to fight me on this before the court of law?" Charlie asked with a sigh.

Although it was difficult for him to believe that Rufus would do something like that, he could tell th

, he would find no reason to release her nude photos. After all, she was still his wife on paper and if that happened, she wasn't the only one who was going to get humiliated.

"I didn't lie to you. My period hasn't been regular since the piano school project started and I just thought it was delayed again. I didn't know I was pregnant until today!"

Amanda kept her head lowered, her face white as a sheet. She would never admit to anything.

She knew that if Clark figured out she was lying, things would get so complicated and she wouldn't know how to even get away with explaining. She couldn't imagine what he would do too if he got pissed.

"But Amanda, why were you planning something about Cassandra without my permission? I don't recall ever agreeing to that. Do you know what's on my mind? Do you know what happens when you test my patience?"

Clark narrowed his eyes and gazed at Amanda as if she was his prey. She was acting strange ever since she arrived from the operating room.

"Clark, didn't you tell me 'well done' last night? Didn't you want for me to set her up? It went great for both of us! I can easily explain why I lost the baby and plus you can use it against my father. Am I not right?"

Everything Amanda said was true. Her eyes were being curtained by her eyelashes so that Clark wouldn't see right through her.

"Went great for both of us? I don't think so. Are you sure? Went great for both of us? You think I am blind? You haven't gotten over Rufus yet, have you? I asked you to help me deal with Rufus but you didn't. You went straight for his fiancee. I didn't know you were that smart. I saw you with my own two eyes that you went the minute Cassandra left!"

Clark knew Amanda very well. She wasn't as naive as she liked to pretend she was. She was vicious like a viper.

"Fine, since we're already talking about it. What's wrong with that, we just each take what we need! And there's no way they can trace it back to us,"

Amanda said with a cold voice, her eyes sharp as knives.

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