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   Chapter 533 A Fight Between Rufus and Charlie

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Cassandra could almost feel Rufus's presence beside her. She was so incredibly content with her life at this moment, smiling lazily and blissfully at herself as she reminisced about her life. She had never felt this secure and comfortable.

As long as Rufus was with her, Cassandra always felt like she was on top of the world. There was nothing that she couldn't handle.

The evening shadow fell on Cassandra's entire illusion of happiness; the darkness seemed to be coming at it.

Charlie had been waiting for hours before Rufus decided to show up in the office. The old man rushed to G City as soon as he heard the news last night.

When he found his daughter, Amanda, miscarried, lying in bed, all vulnerable and pale, he was furious. He sped off to Rufus's office to confront him.

Charlie was shocked to see that Rufus wasn't even in the office.

He sat on Rufus's office chair as he drummed his fingers onto the desk, waiting impatiently for the young man. A few hours later, Rufus opened his office door, and ran into the old man's livid gaze.

"So I guess you run and hide away from me now whenever you make a mistake? If I knew that you were such a coward, I should've just gone to your house instead,"

Charlie spat immediately, rising from the chair and crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Cassandra's sick. I had to stay home and take care of her,"

Rufus calmly reasoned, shutting the door behind him.

Rufus knew he had to tread lightly. Now that Charlie was furious with him, he wouldn't listen to whatever he had to say.

"That doesn't sound like the Cassandra I know. Is she pretending to be sick so she could stay out of this?"

Charlie chided, going out of his way to hurt Rufus as much as he could, just so he could make him feel an ounce of the pain that he was feeling at the moment.

"Mr. Ke, please. I came here so I could fix this problem with you,"

Rufus tried to console him. He didn't have the energy to argue. He had to deal with this as quickly as he could, because he had to go back home to Cassandra. He was worried about Cassandra being home alone.

"All right then, I'll cut to the chase. I'm suing Cassandra for attempted murder,"

Charlie resigned, leaning back on the chair. He glared coldly at his once favorite apprentice.

Since Rufus started training in the Dark Night Group, Charlie's attention was immediately drawn to him. Rufus, after all, was such a talented competitor in the workforce. Every project he did was executed brilliantly. How could anyone not appreciate such a hardworking young man?

It was odd enough to admire someone at one point of time in their life, and then spite them the next time. Charlie was filled with regret and sadness. But there was no other way to get around it. He had to do this for his dear daughter. There was no other compromise.

"Sue Cassandra? Do you have any evidence that can tie it to her? As far as I know,

I can to make sure that your wretched woman will rot in a jail cell. Nobody will ever dare to hurt my family again!"

Rufus frowned as Charlie continued yelling a barrage of threats towards him. Charlie had completely lost it.

"Mr. Ke, I honestly advise that it would be better to straighten this out before you put this in court."

Rufus tried his best to control his temper. He could understand where Charlie was coming from, but he refused to accept that his beloved fiancee could do something like that.

Amanda could really be framing Cassandra, but it was dangerous enough to make such an assumption. He had to have this investigated. If Charlie would seriously consider bringing this to court, Cassandra's reputation would be ruined again.

The love triangle between Amanda, Cassandra, and Rufus had already reached the most vulgar tabloid headlines in the past. Not only that, but Lionel was also Cassandra's ex-husband. Their relationships with one another were incredibly complicated. People in G City had enjoyed eating out their drama.

Cassandra was sure to be the most innocent victim.

Rufus had done so much to maintain and preserve Cassandra's image. He organized a charity ball to clear her name, opened a studio for her, and more. He didn't want Cassandra to be affected by such disgusting speculations.

Amanda had married Clark and Cassandra was his fiancee now. Everyone had already forgotten about Cassandra's past, and the two of them were just about ready to start a new chapter in their life. If Cassandra was accused for this, the media would just devour her again.

Rufus would not stand idly by to just let that happen.

"No, Rufus. I am done talking to you. I only wish I can drive off to your house now so I can strangle her myself. However, considering that I still have an ounce of respect for you, I've decided to let you know in advance. You should be thankful,"

Charlie argued as he ground his teeth.

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