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   Chapter 532 I Believe In You (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5704

Updated: 2019-08-24 00:12

It was Victor.

"Excuse me, I have to take this,"

Rufus calmly excused himself. He turned around to walk out of the bedroom.

"Just answer it here. I know what it is going to be about, anyway,"

Cassandra replied in an equally calm way. After a day's sleep and hours of thought, she seemed to feel tougher than before.

She knew that Amanda planned the whole thing. She also knew that she had something to do with her lost baby. Still, she felt like Amanda's own miscarriage was real although it was something she could not seem to understand. Why did she want to lose the baby? Why would she do something like that?

She wanted so much to know what Amanda was up to.

Rufus looked at Cassandra intensely and then picked up the call in front of her.

"Mr. Luo, Mr. Ke is in the office waiting for you right now. He wants you to come here immediately," Victor said.

There was a trace of nervousness in Victor's voice. He was also from the Dark Night Group and he respected Charlie too much to refuse him anything. That was why he decided to call his boss for help.

Rufus glanced at Cassandra. She nodded.

"Okay, I'm coming right now. Entertain him for now, please,"

Rufus said before hanging up. He let out a sigh.

It was time to go to war.

"Cassandra, I am going to the office. Stay here and rest. I will be back when things are solved," he promised.

Rufus then put on his coat and turned to leave. Suddenly, Cassandra spoke, "Rufus, don't you want to ask me what happened last night?"

To be honest, Cassandra would really rather not talk about what happened. First, because she felt so dizzy and still a little out of sorts. Her head was a mess. This was also the

oing to fight for his beloved like a knight in shining armor who was going to save his princess at all costs.

Cassandra's eyes couldn't help but redden. She didn't know why she wanted to cry. The injustice of Amanda's ploy must have weighed down on her, or maybe, she just appreciated Rufus so much.

They finally started to trust each other. They no longer argued and fought the way they did before.

In the two years they had known each other, they grew from strangers who were suspicious about one another to lovers who were deeply connected to each other. They were together, broke up, and finally, were back together again. This time, they were going to cherish each other and make their relationship last.

Though Rufus was still a dominant and powerful man, he trusted Cassandra more and more each day. Unlike before, he now had faith in her. The trust brought them closer to each other.

Time did their relationship good. They had been through too much to give up on each other. Their love grew stronger each time they faced a new obstacle. And finally, they believed that their love for each other would last forever.

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