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   Chapter 531 I Believe In You (Part One)

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Later that day, a doctor arrived to check up on Cassandra. His diagnosis confirmed that she indeed had a cold and slight fever.

Rufus's face was full of distress. He was deeply worried about her condition.

Cassandra seemed to be constantly dizzy and fatigued. She had been sleeping since the doctor gave her IV fluids.

Half-asleep, she felt Rufus check her temperature by touching her forehead every once in a while. Sometimes, she saw him go out of the room to manage phone calls.

She could not exactly make out what he was saying but her gut told her that it had something to do with what happened between her and Amanda the night before.

Nevertheless, fatigue consumed her. She was too tired to even try to decipher the situation around her. Her head was spinning and she felt as if her body were on fire. Strangely, she also felt so cold that sometimes she shivered. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and she constantly felt sticky and uncomfortable.

Rufus stayed with her the whole day. He didn't go anywhere. All day, he accompanied Cassandra.

The knowledge that her sickness was because of what happened the night before filled Rufus with so much regret.

If only he accompanied Cassandra instead of letting her go out by herself. Maybe, the incident would have been avoided. Then again, it was no use thinking of it now.

He recalled the people in the party. There were so many of them. For one, there was Lionel who hated him to the core. Clark was also there watching his every move with calculated eyes. Chester, possibly holding something against him because he once refused him, was also there. He could not believe that despite all that, he just left Cassandra alone!

How could he have been so stupid?

Rufus's heart throbbed

assandra's stomach grumbled loudly again. Barely catching her breath, she ate with gusto. She was so hungry.

The porridge was probably the best she had eaten in a while. Although it was just simple serving of porridge and pickles, she ate with much vigor.

Cassandra sighed in satisfaction after finishing the bowl. Finally, her energy was back. The meal helped her replenish it.

Rufus watched her as she enthusiastically consumed the food he had prepared. Seeing her happy made him smile.

He really hoped that he could see her smile like that everyday instead of how she was last night—sick, weak and famished. He never wanted to see her sick ever again.

"Are you full now? Do you want more?"

Rufus asked, eager to get her another bowl. Cassandra, however, shook her head.

"No, no, I am already full. Also, the doctor did say I shouldn't eat too much in one time. That's enough,"

she replied to stop Rufus from filling her bowl up again. She gently patted her stomach, satisfied.

All of a sudden, Rufus's phone rang again. The abrupt sound changed the room's atmosphere again. It was no longer warm and happy; instead, it became stressful and urgent.

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