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   Chapter 530 An Unlucky Year (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5768

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They must have had a plan and they wanted to pin it down on Cassandra.

"Clark told me what happened! What else could it be? There were only the two of them by the pool when it happened. Who else could have done it? You're not seriously implying that Amanda jumped into the pool herself, are you? That would be crazy!"

Charlie replied angrily. He sounded like a ferocious lion. When he was told of what happened, he wanted to explode with rage. If only he had wings, he would have already flown over and torn Cassandra into pieces.

"Mr. Ke, please calm down. I'll go to the hospital to visit Amanda right now and I'll update you the moment I learn what had happened. Please don't be mad. The truth will always come out. Liars will never win," Rufus replied, retaining his composure.

Of course, he was aware of how much Amanda hated Cassandra ever since they became together. The idea that Amanda could have jumped into the pool herself did not really surprise him. It looked like something she would do.

He had to admit that Amanda was no longer the innocent girl he used to date. Although she was a great pianist, it would not change the fact that she had done many dubious things because of her love for him.

From the very beginning, she had only wanted one thing: for him and Cassandra to break up. Rufus heaved a heavy sigh. The man who just shouted at him over the phone did not know anything about what had happened, but Rufus was sure that he would not believe anything he said even if he showed him evidence.

"No, there is no misunderstanding! Did she even think about the baby in Amanda's belly?"

Charlie shot again. His voice cracked a little as he mentioned the baby. The baby was clearly very i

"What's wrong?" he asked, worried.

He continued rubbing her back as he looked at her nervously. His eyebrows were glued together in a puzzled expression.

Cassandra took several deep breaths to try to suppress her cough. Then, she opened her mouth again.

"It's nothing..."

she managed to say before she went into a coughing fit again. Rufus felt his heart tighten. Her voice was as hoarse as a broken gong.

"Did you catch a cold, Cassandra?"

Rufus asked as he reached over to touch her forehead. Indeed, it was a little hot.

"You're having a fever. Stay here. I will ask the doctor to come over!" Rufus instructed.

As he went out to make the call, Cassandra collapsed onto the bed again.

She had been standing in the cold wind for quite a while the night before. Then, she got wet by the water splashed by Amanda. Apart from that, there were many things on her mind. It was not much of a surprise for her to fall ill.

It really was turning out to be a very unlucky year for her. As the saying goes, misfortune doesn't come in ones and blessings never arrive in pairs. 'When will all of this come to an end?' she sighed.

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