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   Chapter 529 An Unlucky Year (Part One)

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Slowly, Amanda reached out and put her hands on Cassandra's shoulders.

Her touch was gentle and her fingers were long and slender. These were part of the reason why she was such a great pianist.

"Cassandra, you know what...this area is not under surveillance," Amanda whispered in her ears.

She had a peculiar smile on her face. Under the dim lamp, it looked ominous, like a foreboding of danger.

Cassandra found herself completely in the dark, literally and figuratively. She wondered what Amanda meant by saying that.

But she had no time to think. In the next second, a loud piercing scream filled the air.

She watched as Amanda leaned back and fell into the fountain pool even before she could do anything to react.

It was winter and the water was freezing cold. Some of it splashed on Cassandra—her face, her hands, and her body. The chill filled her all the way to her heart.

The water that was so still that it looked like a mirror reflecting her and Amanda's image, now was distorted, like shattering glass.

Cassandra stood dumbstruck as the event unfolded before her. In her daze, she did not even manage to call for help. Fortunately, Amanda's screams were heard by the security guard nearby and they hurriedly ran toward the fountain with their patrol torches.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Cassandra was still in shock. None of the images she saw made sense to her.

'What just happened? Why did she jump into the pool while it was freezing cold? What was she planning? Did she just try to kill herself?' Thoughts flooded her, each fighting for her full attention.

Eventually, Cassandra managed to collect herself just as the guards finished pulling Amanda out of the pool. Hearing Amanda crying loudly, she ran towards her to check how she was doing.


aited in hopes that she would soon tell him when she was ready.

Suddenly, his phone buzzed. He took it out and found it was Charlie calling.

Rufus knitted his eyebrows. Bad news travels fast.

He threw a glance at Cassandra who seemed to have fallen asleep, and then turned around. He closed the door behind him and answered the call.

"Rufus, what's wrong with your fiancee? Amanda is pregnant right now! Why did she push her into the pool? I will not let her go easily if something happens to my daughter!"

Charlie roared from the other side of the phone. Rufus could feel his rage through his tone and demeanor.

"Mr. Ke, I didn't really see what happened, and I think, neither did you. Please don't jump into conclusions so quickly. There must have been an understanding," Rufus explained calmly.

They seemed to be in a hurry to involve Charlie. Rufus sensed something very peculiar about the situation.

He was quite sure that Cassandra would not push Amanda. She always had control on her emotions. She was quite good at managing her emotions in front of people, especially with the people who, she knew, had ill intentions towards her. Clark and Amanda must be plotting something.

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