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   Chapter 527 She Couldn't Keep This Baby (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6149

Updated: 2019-08-22 00:12

How would she get rid of the baby?

At that moment, she suddenly remembered what Clark had said to her before he left. Now that she had carefully thought about them, it seemed that he wanted her to fake a miscarriage so her father would believe. That was why they had feigned her pregnancy in the first place.

Since Clark had planned it that way, why not make it real?

When Amanda thought about it, she felt her strength slowly come back to her. She gripped the counter and pulled herself up, then turned on the tap. She washed her face clean and rinsed her mouth well to remove all the vomit residue out.

The woman in the mirror looked pale and tired. She was far from the innocent girl that she had been before.

The only things that comforted her were that her skin was still tight and smooth, and her eyes were still beautiful. They reminded Amanda that she was still young and she could have her life back. She just had to end all of this mess and leave Clark, the dangerous demon.

Being around that evil devil even for a second felt like torture!

On the other hand, Rufus and Cassandra enjoyed each other's company. "I really don't like attending this kind of event, Rufus. Can I not go?"

Cassandra gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She wore a beautiful dress, and she couldn't deny that she looked good for the event. But she still didn't feel happy.

"Honey, just this once, okay? This is the first time I would attend an event as the CEO after the establishment of the branch company in G City. How can I not take my other half to the party?"

It was clear to Rufus that Cassandra was unhappy about it and thus threw a small fight, but he still hoped that his lady would attend the event with him.

After all, this was indeed his first public appearance as the CEO, and it was good for his company's dev

andra's, and his eyes full of affection and love bore deep into her own.

"You're so sweet now. Why did you have to tease me?" Cassandra pouted.

However, she couldn't contain the growing smile on her face. She pretended to be mad at him, but she failed miserably.

"I'm sorry, honey. I promise that I will never pay attention to those women who chase after me. I will only keep my eyes on you!"

It was true that Rufus was in a really good mood right now. It was refreshing to banter and be a bit silly with Cassandra.

"Well then, you will have to wear sunglasses when you go out from now on. Don't you dare look at other women!" Cassandra said and gently ruffled Rufus's hair.

But a loud laugh burst from Rufus's lips.

"What's so funny?" Cassandra asked curiously.

What did he laugh about?

Did she say something funny?

"I just thought, do you really think you can tell who I'm looking at when I wear sunglasses? The sunglasses can only help me steal glances at other women."

His laughter died down, but he felt that this little lady was just too cute and lovely. How could she not realize a simple thing such as how beautiful she was? He couldn't help but shake his head fondly at her ignorance.

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