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   Chapter 525 Leaving The Dark Night

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Suddenly, Cassandra realized that Cloris's change of attitude towards Rufus, and she was stunned silent. That was right, they were a family now!

Although she had already accepted Rufus's marriage proposal, hearing Cloris's teasing tone still made her blush.

"Alright, let's eat," Cassandra said, gently coughing to shrug off her giddiness.

Rufus's focused gaze on her didn't help with the embarrassment.

Trying to hide a smile, Rufus was relieved that Cloris seemed to be on board with their marriage.

"How was the house-hunting today?" Rufus asked.

He knew that Cassandra and Edith had plans to look for new places earlier in the afternoon.


I thought all the places we saw were pretty good. But I need more time to think about it," she explained, grateful for the change of topic.

"Let me know when you've made your decision. I'll have it arranged," he said affectionately.

Still, he didn't break the eye contact. His tender gaze made Cassandra flush even more—her cheeks were red as tomatoes.

Meanwhile, Cloris was blissfully oblivious, satisfied with tasting and praising the delicious food. They finished everything in no time.

Seeing how much Cloris was enjoying a good time with the family, Edith sighed inwardly, feeling reassured.

It looked like Cloris had finally, truly recovered.

"Mom, can I sleep with you tonight?

I haven't cleaned my bed sheets for a while..." Cloris softly murmured, feeling a little embarrassed. Having been stuck in bed for so long, she couldn't clean the sheets, and it was getting uncomfortable sleeping on them.

"Ok, tomorrow should be a sunny day.

I can wash them and put on new ones for you," Edith promised eagerly, overjoyed at the thought that Cloris wanted to spend time with her.

"Mom, it's getting late. We should go to bed.

We have to leave early," Cassandra reminded her. Seeing that Cloris was pretty much finished with dinner, she headed straight to her room.

Feeling completely exhausted, Cassandra could barely stand when she saw her inviting, empty bed. After taking a shower, she flopped onto the bed and fell asleep within minutes.

By the time Rufus got out of the bathroom, he found her fast asleep.

With a smile, he shook his head—he thought they could make out for a bit, but she was clearly too tired for anything.

As he lay down on the bed beside her, Rufus hugged Cassandra firmly, pulling her toward him. The motion woke her up, and she opened her eyes briefly to the sight of Rufus's face inches from hers. In her half-asleep state, Cassandra slightly smil

y, trying to keep her distance from the man without making it too obvious that she was alarmed.

Since Clark took control of Dark Night Group, Rufus had nothing more to do with them. Since he hadn't been bothering her, she felt that the usual crisis that seemed to hang over her head was slowly fading away. Even her fear of him seemed to subside as well.


You must know that the master of this house is me, not you, don't you?" he said slowly with a smile. Though he looked rather relaxed, his eyes seemed dangerous, piercing right through Amanda like spears.

Hearing his words, Amanda was stunned speechless. Her mouth seemed to glue itself shut.

"Your father might come over soon. I'll have to explain how you had a miscarriage. Just go along with it. You'd better not let anything slip."

Suddenly, the smile on his face disappeared, and his tone shifted into something cold and cruel.

Hearing that Charlie was coming over made her sweat. It couldn't be helped that Amanda was nervous.

It was quite a lie—she had been pretending to be pregnant so that Charlie would accept her marriage to Clark, all to keep her shameless pictures from leaking out.

If Charlie found out that it was all a ruse, he would surely confront Clark, who would then reveal what he had on Amanda.

It was all too threatening for her, too much that she couldn't completely hide the fear in her expression.

"What caused the miscarriage, then?"

Frustratingly, Amanda couldn't put together any plausible reason that could convince Charlie that she had lost the baby.

"Just do as I say. You'd better not give me any trouble.

Otherwise, you know what will happen," Clark coldly warned, clenching his teeth.

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