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   Chapter 524 Happy Birthday To Edith (Part Two)

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The mother took the frame with trembling hands, eyeing it carefully.

It was a fine, colorful piece of paper quilling.

The frame was made up of a lot of balloons floating in the air: Big and small, decorating the blue sky with different colors. There were two people at the bottom right corner, an adult and a child, who seemed to be looking at the sky and the colorful balloons in it.

Edith could see that Cloris had meant to show herself and her mother in the design.

This wasn't the first time that Cloris had given her a gift, but she had always bought her something in the past. It was the first time she had made something for her on her own. It meant a great deal to Edith, especially given how concerned she had been about her these days. She was touched beyond words.

This piece of work didn't cost a lot, yet its value was priceless.

"Thank you so much, my dear,"

Edith said, her voice choking. This was also the first time Cloris had reached out to her on her own in a long time, which was a great relief for her.

"Are you hungry? Get some grub now. Look what I've got for you,"

Edith said. The tears wobbled at the edge of her eyes but she somehow managed to hold them back. Her eyes turned red too, but she looked away and started to open the bags to hide it.

"Let's go to the dining room, Mom. I want to eat there,"

Cloris suggested as she took a hold of the bags.

She volunteered to go downstairs for the first time in days. For a brief moment it left Edith speechless. It sounded too good to be true. A gust of happiness ran through her.

'Is Cloris truly willing to interact with the outside world again? She knows Cassandra and Rufus has come home with me, and yet she wants to head down?'

Edith wondered and she found it hard to believe, but what Cloris said n

ra who had helped and supported the family when she was studying abroad.

She also remembered how Cassandra married Lionel for the sake of the Qin family, and suffered the shame of being bluntly discarded by him at last.

To add insult to Cassandra's injury, she had even deceived and framed this dear elder sister, who on the contrary, had always loved her and forgiven her, and had never done anything to hurt her. In contrast, she had turned against Cassandra because of that despicable Arthur! How ignorant and narrow-minded of her to hurt her sister for a man who had actually been taking advantage of her!

She felt ashamed now, not knowing how she would ever make up for her behavior in the past.

"These are all yours then. Come and eat them before they get cold," Cassandra chuckled. "They are from one of Rufus's favorite restaurants. He strongly recommends it, as the chefs there are great. Mom brought some of your favorite dishes for you, thinking you'd be hungry!"

Cassandra added. She was delighted to see Cloris come and sit beside her.

"Thank you for caring about me, Rufus. It's so kind of you to bring me those night snacks,"

Cloris said, winking at Rufus in a shy manner.?

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