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   Chapter 523 Happy Birthday To Edith (Part One)

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Edith made a wish and opened her eyes, blowing on the candles. Rufus then cut the cake with a big smile, serving a piece on each plate.

"Happy birthday, Mom!"

Cassandra wished her mother again, before biting into the cake. Edith smiled back brightly at her, looking very pleased with this surprise.

She had been too busy to even remember her own birthday. She had definitely not expected Cassandra to bear it in mind and plan something like this dinner for her.

Her only regret was Cloris wasn't here to share this happy moment with her.

As she enjoyed the cake and the meal, Cassandra picked up her phone and checked her microblog. She was surprised to find Cloris had just updated hers. It was a short one, saying, "So bored..."

There was no picture with it but Cassandra couldn't help smiling after reading it. She knew what was happening here. Cloris must have seen her update about this birthday celebration, thus being this sentiment. It was simple but clearly conveying how much she craved other people's attention.

Obviously, she might be feeling bad for not being around on her mother's birthday.

"Happy birthday, Auntie! I wish you all the happiness in the world! May you be forever young!"

said Rufus, proposing a toast to Edith, his words making her smile from ear to ear. It had been a long time since she had had such a pleasant evening.

The three of them chatted and laughed throughout the meal, as a happy family.

"But are we really not going home tonight?"

Edith whispered to Cassandra after a while, a bit worried. She still missed and worried about Cloris, which could be seen very transparently on her face.

"Of course we will, if you like, Mom! We will go back later, I promise,"

Cassandra replied, winking at Edith. But it was with all sincerity, relieving Edith at last.

In fact, Cassandra was comple

ed, Edith came right upstairs and into her room tonight as well. Cloris tried her best to hold her breath behind the door, and waited for her mother to get near the bed. Oh the look on her face when she hugged her! It was precious!

"Happy birthday, Mother!"

Cloris said. Her voice wasn't loud and cheery like it was usually, rather a bit shaky...out of guilt and overwhelming emotions.

Edith was stunned by the tone of her words. Cloris could actually feel her mother's body freeze in her embrace.

Edith couldn't believe she had remembered her birthday! Honestly, to her it seemed like her daughter was just lost in a world of her own and barely cared about the others in her life.

Cloris let Edith go slowly, and presented the gift she had made for her.

"Sorry that I didn't leave myself enough time to think of a better gift. I've made it myself. It is nothing special, but I surely do hope you like it,"

Cloris said hesitatingly, with tears welling up in her eyes. It was really touching to see how much Edith worried and cared for her. When she was hiding behind the door, she could hear Edith announcing she wanted to give her the food right away, thinking she'd be hungry. She had always loved her unconditionally.

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